Box of Rocks Defeats Ocasio-Cortez for US Presidency 2028 !

Just got this from Steve in Florida and I had to stop laughing before I could send it out for the belly laugh event of the year.  DO NOT START TO DRINK YOUR COFFEE ! ! ! !

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Box of Rocks Defeats Ocasio-Cortez for US Presidency 2028 !

….. a Box of Rocks defeated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yesterday for the presidency of the United States. O-C has already demanded a recount saying “stoners” cast ballots for her opponent.

Rocks isn’t saying much other than his collective IQ is some 300 points higher than Ms Cortez. Meanwhile, millions upon millions of voters in all major US cities took to the streets holding up lit lighters in hopes of Rocks coming back to do more concerts.

Reports from last night’s loss were that O-C screamed and yelled in broken Spanglish for hours after she learned of her defeat, finally passing out with a bottle of tequila. Most of her platforms were a little eyebrow raising, such as: mining the moon for cheese and Mars for candy…Many people are hoping and praying O-C will run again in four years, but this time off the plank of the Jolly Roger.  In reality, a world which O-C knows little about, it would be nice if she would become Speaker of the House as soon as possible….comedians would have enough material in a week to last through eternity !

Please , Nancy, let her do it !! LMAO !!!

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