Scott Conger Revisited

My kids were “wild eyed Southern boys” from NW Georgia.  They would have called Scott Conger a “shit stirrer.”  I noticed this about him almost a couple of years ago, when he went to some public meeting at the USPS about six mail handler jobs that were being taken out of Jackson and moved to Memphis.  Why was he even there?   To create a crisis when there was none.

I think I may have mentioned this to before, because none of those six employees were losing their USPS jobs and it made more sense to have those jobs in Memphis….where there is an actual airport!

There does not appear to be ANYTHING that he doesn’t show up for, ready to flash his smile and pose for pictures.  I know in politics its important to be media savvy, but as you said, there is not much depth there.  What saddens me is that, people are so naïve and uninformed, some will support style (or should I say, “smile”) over substance.

When someone like Frank McMeen is backing Scott Conger, and he’s older and presumably smarter, I know there has to be a lot of deal making and promises that will have to be kept to benefit West TN Healthcare, as well as whatever private financial doings McMeen has here in LANA.

McMeen pushed hard for the parking garage because his partner was going to build it but he had no argument to back it up with other than he thought the city needed it.

There is nothing that Scott does that he doesn’t publicize.  Last night, after I had already typed this report, he posted that he donated his “plasma and platelets!”  Did his supporters really need to know that?

We have to stop treating elections like a popularity contest.  Or worse, a “beauty queen contest!”

While I am certainly not obsessed with Scott Conger, I went out late yesterday afternoon and noticed a few signs.  I’ve been up for a few hours and since there was nothing going on, on Facebook I thought I would check out Scott’s personal page.  Frank McMeen has apparently taken pictures of Conger signs that he found on Highland that he said were near the home of Frank Neudecker.  And yes, he mentioned Frank Neudecker by name. What he didn’t say was that the properties were his and that two of them were unlivable.

I also noticed a post from Lee Sparks, where he said, “I need another sign…for my neighbor.”  How childish and petty!  He posted that after I noticed that his pit bull was outside my fence harassing my dog on MY side of the property line.  He seems like he is wanting to push me into a provocation with him about the property line.  He/she/they/whoever planted daffodils on the side of my garage which he very well knows are in my property line.  I’m not sure that planting flowers on someone else’s property constitutes encroachment but these are the issues that Smiling Scott is clueless about!

I know that Frank Neudecker is not apathetic, for sure.  And he does keep us informed of what is going on.  I may not always agree with his position, but I respect his integrity and the time he put into researching things.  Even on things I might have otherwise disagreed with, he do have a logical way of explaining why you voted or said what you did.

Maria Keller passed away in 2013 and requested they not be published till after her death

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