The Wolf Counselor Reports From Vegas

Mornin’ Folks,

We first cruised the strip and then parked near Bally’s and we went to get a scrumptious chicken sandwich at Blue Ribbon.

We then went to an off-strip casino called Texas Station to see a Motown show featuring Greg Austin and Phillip Flowers.

It was absolutely perfect.

We then went to a place called “Cork And Thorn” to hear a lady named Madame Dee.

If you closed your eyes you would swear it was Aretha Franklin.

She did a duet with a guy named David Russell and totally brought the house down.

She called up another guy named Bobby Rose who sang a Sam Cooke song called “Change Gonna Come ”

He literally brought the audience to tears, including this old redneck peckerwood who likes to call himself Wolf Counselor.

I took no pictures because I was having waaaayyy to much fun.

Tonight Bobby Rose will be at South point so we will see his show tonight before we watch the countdown on the strip.

I can’t promise that I will get any photos, but I will try to remember to get a few shots of the action.

But I’m sure it will be televised so you won’t be missing a thing.

We’re about to have breakfast so I’ll sign off now.

Have a great day folks and I hope you will all have a great new year.

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