Is the Marine Corps really that tough?

by Larry Hagood, former Sgt E-5 at U.S. Marine Corps and Jim Cox, former Retired Master Gunnery Sergeant at U.S. Marine Corps (1990-2012)

Find your nearest Marine recruiting office. Do your testing. Have your background check ran. SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE. Wait about 30-45 days and go to MCRD. Once you get to MCRD figure out a way to get through the TOUGHEST 13 weeks of your life. Graduate boot camp. Go to your MOS schooling.

If you went 0300, ENJOY! Get assigned your first duty station after schooling.

Figure out a “fast track” to E-4 as E-1 to E-3 will pull you every shit duty there is. Get lucky enough to work for the most hardcore asshole Gunny that the Corps has. Your mere existence will piss him off!!

Get deployed overseas for 6–12 months a couple or three times. Do the “seabag drag” about 6 times in 4 years. Figure out a way to keep your uniforms “inspection ready” AT ALL TIMES while they are rolled up in your seabag.

You will become “creative”. FYI…Gunny doesn’t like excuses. Spend some time on a “tin can” in the middle of the ocean wandering why the hell you are there. YOU DIDN’T JOIN THE NAVY!…LOL…

See more of the world in 4 years than you ever wanted to see. Make good friends only to see you separated from them when one of you leaves for another assignment. Know that at any given moment, night or day, that you could have 24 hours to “pack your crap” and be on the “flight line”. There’s a good chance you won’t even know where you are going until that bird is in the air.

FYI…If they brought your units “armory” and a couple 2111s on that bird you can bet your last dollar that your not headed for Disneyland.

“Tough” is a relative term. You will either love YOUR Marine Corps or you will hate MY Marine Corps. I will still be here when you get back. Let me know how “tough” you thought it was.

We are called “The Few, The Proud” for a reason.

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