Cuomo Attacks American Sovereignty, Pardons Illegal-alien Convicts To Stop Deportation

by  R. Cort Kirkwood

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo thinks like California Governor Jerry Brown.

He wants to make the country safe for dangerous criminals, particularly illegal-alien criminals.

Cuomo pardoned 22 illegal aliens who could have been deported for their crimes. Not that Cuomo followed Brown’s lead.

This is the second time that Cuomo, a hard leftist, has pardoned criminals to undermine not only immigration law but also President Trump’s attempt to stop the illegal-alien invasion on our southern border.

At Least He’s Honest
To his credit, Cuomo was honest about the reason for the pardons. He wants to poke the president in the eye and keep illegal aliens in the country, who will, in all likelihood, cast their ballots for Cuomo and other hard-left Democrats if they ever become citizens.

That future voting bloc is what congressional Democrats who are refusing funds for a border wall hope to protect. A steady stream of illegal aliens will, eventually, provide Democrats with the voters they need to cement a permanent one-party socialist state.

Most of the illegal-alien criminals Cuomo let skate were drug dealers or dope fiends. But one was a robber, one was guilty of assault, and two had attempted arson.

Cuomo’s message falsely accused Trump and immigration authorities of “Waging a War on our Border Against Immigrant Communities” and claimed that the “Pardons Build on [the] Governor’s Record of Defending the Immigrant Community.”

As well, avers the long-winded excuse for undermining immigration law, Trump has shut down the government “over his obsession with keeping immigrants out.” That, of course, is false. Trump’s “obsession” is with illegal border crossings and phony claims of asylum, not legal immigration at ports of entry.

Cuomo and his people know that, but at any rate the governor’s Ministry of Information didn’t stop there. It also touted Cuomo’s efforts to “support the immigrant community and defend immigrants against federal attacks.”

The latest directive followed the lead of other states that block Immigration and Customs Enforcement from doing its job:

This summer, Governor Cuomo announced a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s policy of forced family separation on the U.S. southern border. To protect immigrants from overly aggressive deportation tactics increasingly utilized by ICE, the Governor issued executive orders to prohibit ICE arrests in state facilities without a warrant, prohibit state agencies and officers from inquiring about individual’s immigration status unless required by law or necessary to determine eligibility for a benefit or service or disclosing information to federal immigration authorities for the purpose of civil enforcement.

In Keeping With Sanctuary
This is at least year two of Cuomo’s war against American sovereignty. Last year, in a “rebuke” to Trump, as the New York Times put it, he pardoned 18 immigrants.

Out on the left coast, Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown has repeatedly pardoned illegal aliens.

The pardons are part of legal war to make entire states into sanctuaries for illegal aliens. As well, those states are passing laws that forbid state and local cops from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

But those laws don’t just shield illegal aliens who might have committed only a petty theft or drug crime but then turned their lives around. That’s how Cuomo explained his subversion of America immigration law.

Sanctuary laws also shield dangerous murderers, as two recent cases show.

In California, police allege, an illegal alien murdered a cop who had pulled him over for drunk driving.

The county sheriff blamed the murder not just on the suspect himself, but also on the state’s imprudent sanctuary law that forbids cops from holding illegal aliens for deportation after they are arrested.

ICE twice deported the suspect, whom police say is tied to a dangerous gang, and who had two convictions for drunk driving.

In February, a sanctuary county in the sanctuary state of New Jersey released an illegal alien that ICE wanted for deportation. ICE had issued a detainer on the man in December 2017.

He fled to Springfield, Missouri, and murdered three people in November.

At month’s end, the state’s attorney general ordered all state and local law enforcement to stop cooperating with ICE or honoring detainers to keep illegals in jail until ICE can take them deportation.

But back to Cuomo. The governor of New York, who has sworn an oath to uphold the federal and state constitutions, thinks ICE agents are “thugs.”

Reprinted with permission from The New American

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