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Image result for Philip ZodhiatesPhilip Zodhiates is the classic case of an innocent man spending time in jail.

Not that he didn’t actually do something which drew the attention of the authorities to him…

BUT, in this case, we know that what Mr. Zodhiates did was NOT A CRIME…and, he now just needs a chance to prove it.

You may remember, from stories stretching back over 10 years, that Mr. Zodhiates is one of several people to have helped a mother and her child escape control of an unrelated lesbian “mother” imposed on the child by a Vermont court.

Fast-forward to today: Mr Zodhiates is now in prison because Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg decided to turn down a stay of sentence last October.

HOWEVER, not all hope is lost!

Please SIGN this URGENT petition, here, and help an innocent man get out of jail.

Justice Neil Gorsuch stepped-in to refer Mr. Zodhiates’ petition (for a stay of sentence) to a list of conference items which comes before the court at the end of THIS week, on January 4th.

That means we must now act QUICKLY to contact the Supreme Court – and, ask them to GRANT Mr. Zodhiates, and his legal team, a stay of sentence.

And, that is exactly what this petition does.

Thank you, in advance, for signing here!

Zodhiates maintains he broke no law in helping the mother and daughter to leave the country.

A few days before his imprisonment, Zodhiates stated: “[The mother] had full custody of her daughter when they left the country. They had no travel restrictions and had legal passports. No laws were broken by anyone…”

Now, Mr. Zodhiates must be allowed to make an application to appeal his case to the Supreme Court – so as to be able to exhaust all legal remedies at his disposal.

For this so-called “crime”, Mr. Zodhiates just spent Christmas and New Year’s in a federal prison in Kentucky…away from his family, who include six adopted children.

But, Mr. Zodhiates has taken this in his stride, saying:

I could not forsake Christ’s Word even if it meant no prison time. So, prison has been expected all along. But, that’s okay. We are all to expect it, and count it all joy. God promises to bring us through the trials and tribulations, and I have to say, it’s drawn me closer to the Lord in a tremendous way. He wants to bring us to the point where we are totally dependent on Him, where nothing we can do can make any difference.”

This kind of attitude is extremely edifying! But, we would like to see justice prevail in this case.

YOUR SIGNATURE – with sincere prayer – can help move mountains…and, even the Supreme Court of the United States.

So, please PRAY and SIGN this petition. And then, please SHARE with your like-minded friends, family and colleagues.

Thank you for your help. We will be sure to pass along to Mr. Zodhiates, the news that you are standing with him.

Yours faithfully,
Scott Schittl and the whole team at LifeSiteNews

PS – Please SIGN and SHARE, today! Mr Zodhiates’ petition for a stay of sentence goes before SCOTUS this FRIDAY, January 4th. Thank you!

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