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This is one of the most articulate comments I have read in a long time.  Thought I should share it with the WGEN list.  I don’t sign up for any of the things in order to comment but I do read a few of them.
Jackie Juntti

  1. warprin1 says: January 5, 2019 at 1:20 am
  2. Citizen Rallies, folks. There is one scheduled tomorrow (Sat., 1/5) in Missouri. I don’t know how much of a crowd it will attract without the presence of PDJT, but it is a start.
  3. The governing Uniparty does not believe that we will act on our own to save our Republic. I am advocating for peaceful demonstrations, in 50 states, in the manner of the Tea Party, before Turtle & Co (Conspirators) neutered the movement in both Houses of Congress. We did not recognize the depth or the breadth of the Dem-Rep-CoC-DS entanglements, or their desperation to protect the machine, at all cost. Now we do.
  4. I do not agree with some recent posts that are calling for violence as the first response. Rather, we must marshall a genuine, populist, peaceful show of massive numbers in plain sight, and intelligently equipped to defang the next snake strike of the bastards – the way they derailed the Tea Party effort..
  5. It is best to throw the enemy off balance while they remain certain that we will do nothing more than blow off steam online. We need to launch our own response, regardless of the winter season, and in spite of a weather forecast that calls for a half inch of snow, regardless of school schedules or semester final exams, regardless of our kids’ athletic commitments, regardless of everything except keeping the youngsters safe and the bills paid. We can, and must, become weekend warriors in the truest sense of the term.
  6. When I think back to the activity on the National Mall on January 21, 2017, and the mob ignorance that willingly put itself on display that day – with the stupid pussyhats and the threats of violence against our newly inaugurated President D. J. Trump, it makes my blood boil. If those idiots were capable of marshaling the forces of social networking for that purpose, can we not do better?
  7. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: not the guarantee of equal outcomes, but the right of every individual to aspire and achieve according to his / her own gifts and efforts – this is what our Founders battled for and won. We have a sacred duty to re-secure, protect, and preserve this blessed Legacy for our grandchildren. Our children are in this minefield with us. Some of them have already turned against us.
  8. If we, here, mobilize ourselves, in place of wringing our hands, we can start a new movement to dethrone the cockroach kings and queens that currently infest the Corridors of our Republic. Our President needs to see us assembled outdoors, in public spaces, in the winter weather, by the thousands, where we have The Right to Assemble. If we are denied permits by local political flunkies, then we’ll defy those authorities – peacefully, but without budging. If they bring out the police with loaded guns, we will remind them of the Kent State “4 dead in Ohio”.
  9. I am a grandmother of six. I am a retired public high school foreign language teacher. Kids have been my whole life. I will not allow these unindicted felons, who have been elected to serve us honestly and faithfully, to steal my incomparable United States os America Constitutional Republic from me or my descendants.

I will do my part in purple PA. We need to begin in seriousness now. Please discuss this with your contacts on social media as well as with local kindred spirits. Until tonight, CTH is the only place I have posted. Against my reluctance to Tweet or post elsewhere, I will change that position and engage in other forums where thousands gather. This cause may be the most worthy thing each of us ever accomplishes in our lives. Now, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and sign up for the local self-defense and weapons safety courses that I promised my husband I would complete.

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