Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner passed away last week

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Kevin McIntyre, a Republican member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), died of cancer on Wednesday. McIntyre joined FERC in December 2017 and served as chair until October 2018. FERC is an independent federal agency responsible for regulating electricity, crude oil, and natural gas that travels between states. The agency also regulates hydroelectric dams and oversees utility mergers.

Independent federal agencies operate with some degree of autonomy from the executive branch. These agencies exist outside of the Executive Office of the President and executive departments or have top officials with protections against removal by the president or other officials. FERC is headed by five members appointed by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

After McIntyre’s passing, two Democrats and two Republicans remained at the commission. Commissioner Cheryl A. LaFleur was nominated by Barack Obama in 2010 and confirmed for a second term in 2014. Her term expires in June 2019. The other three commissioners are Donald Trump appointees, but Commissioner Richard Glick was general counsel for the Democrats on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee before joining FERC in 2017. His term expires in June 2022. FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee was confirmed in 2017 for a term that expires in June 2021 and Commissioner Bernard L. McNamee was confirmed in December 2018 for a term that ends in June 2020.

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