Hebrews 6:12

Jesus was popular early in His ministry, especially after performing His most popular miracle to date: the feeding of the five thousand. Now we’re talking, a man who gives us a free lunch! This is awesome!

“that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.’ (Hebrews 6:12)

The crowds grew. Huge multitudes of people followed Jesus. He turned to them and challenged them, and the result was that many turned away. They weren’t following Jesus for the right reasons.

When they say they are Believers, but then, when a challenge comes their way, they say they don’t believe anymore. They claim to have lost their faith. Their faith was worthless in that case because the faith that can’t be tested is the faith that can’t be trusted.

If you were to say that you’ve lost your faith because of a hardship or difficulty, then we would tell you that you are glad you lost that faith, because it was not real faith at all.

If you have real faith in God, then it won’t be weakened by challenges; faith will be strengthened by it. If you have real faith, then it will grow through every challenge we face.

That is what the Bible teaches.

Tragedy, hardship, and trials do not produce faith as much as they reveal it. If your faith is really in Jesus, then you will get through the storms of life. If you tell me that you turned away from God because of something that happened in your life, then our question is, do you even have faith? Maybe it’s time to get some.

Jesus thinned out the ranks of His so-called followers. Gideon did the same when God called him into battle against the Midianites.


Because God can do more with three hundred committed people than with ten thousand half-hearted people, and yes God is still looking for committed people today.

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