CBS Deletes Its Own ‘Fact Check’ Because It Made Trump Look Too Good

by  WARNER TODD HUSTON  |  Godfather Politics

After President Donald Trump finished his Tuesday evening border security address, many so-called “fact checkers” jumped to try and call Trump a liar. But CBS ended up deleting its “fact check” because it made Trump look too good.

During his speech, Trump said that one in three women trekking through Mexico to try and sneak into the U.S. are raped on their journey.

CBS called this a lie and quickly put out a “fact check” story to note what they felt was the “truth” of the rape statistic.

But, instead of showing that Trump is somehow overplaying the statistic, CBS noted that it is even worse than Trump said it is.

Indeed, CBS insisted that the rape count is upwards to 60 percent, not one third.

But later, after this “fact check” was posted, the whole thing disappeared from CBS’s social media and websites.

There is only one reason why this would have been deleted.

It was deleted because it showed CBS admitting that Trump is right that there is a crisis at the border.

The 60 percent statistic supports Trump’s claims and the “fact check” served to bolster Trump’s argument instead of serving to defeat it.

That is why it was deleted. CBS does not want its fans to know how bad it is for these women illegally traipsing through Mexico in order to sneak into the U.S.

CBS would rather cover for rapists just so they don’t have to be seen supporting Trump.

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