FRC’s Time to Pray; Wall; Military Trans Policy; EEOC; MI Faith Groups Must Bow?

Tony Perkins (bio), the fourth and longest-serving President of FRC, took his post in 2003. Elected to the Louisiana Legislature in 1996, he became the legislative body’s leading pro-life, pro-family conservative voice. In fact, Tony made history in 1997 by authoring America’s first Covenant Marriage law. The numerous faith and family-friendly laws he championed have had a profound impact in his state and beyond. In Washington, D.C., Tony has substantially deepened FRC’s influence on Capitol Hill and expanded FRC’s influence on public policy in the states. At the core of Tony’s life as a husband, father, ordained minister, and policy maker is his persistent pursuit of God and his guidance and his close relationship with pastors across America. In December, Tony announced a plan to help increase the centrality of prayer among FRC’s nearly 100 staff members!

I invite you to pray for and with us during this 10-week period:

God, please do a deep work in FRC and in every person who has a part in it: Each staff member, our executive leaders, our directors, our board members, our interns and our supporters who sacrifice so much and whose roles are so very important. May we come out of this period with a deeper relationship with the Lord, with ears that are more closely tuned to him, with a new ability to hear God lead each and all of us to unite our hearts with his. May we have a new grace to pray with unction, and may he help us to keep his priorities in our personal, family, and ministry lives, and enable by his mighty power to accomplish our work at FRC with excellence and with his touch and anointing. May Tony Perkins and each member of our leadership team, staying very close to God, hear and understand what God is saying and how to implement his directives, purposes, plans, and initiatives for the greatest impact this organization can make as salt and light in our nation and around the world, as God leads. May we be genuine servants to the churches in our nation to help believers everywhere to impact their communities for righteousness! May God do the same thing for our ministry friends and partners who serve in many parts of the public policy sphere. May we represent God aright! May God’s people across America radically advance in prayer and their own personal relationships with him and in their ministries for Christ across this nation. May he protect us from the schemes of men who seek to hinder and silence the voice of God’s people and the religious liberty that so many Americans and godly men before us have given their lives to secure. May we be a blessing even to our enemies and may God enable us not to fail him in the challenging job he has given us in our generation. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. (2 Sam 22 all; Neh 9:12; Ps 92:4-5; 139:23-24; Is 48:17; Jer 29:12-13; Mk 9:28-29; Lk 11:1; 2 Tim 3:12-14; Heb 10:19-24; Rev 12:11)

Issues for Prayer and Thanksgiving — 1) Regarding the border wall and government shutdown, President Trump did not reveal anything new in his widely publicized speech; as expected, the media highlighted the opposition speeches. The president invited the House leadership to the White House this afternoon for further discussion. The partial government shutdown continues. Pray that both sides will come to an agreement that provides for a serious ramping up of border security, including the wall. Students of Scripture are reminded of God’s positive mention of walls as providing protection and safety;of Nehemiah’s distress over the lack of protection in Jerusalem, whose walls were broken down, and his cries to God and immediate and successful embarkation to rebuild them, enlisting all the residents to help diligently to build; and they united to build with a mind to work; of Jerusalem; of the walls of Jericho tumbling down and so much more. Walls for protection are expressed positively in Scripture, but throughout God makes clear that walls are not enough — a right relationship with God and his protection are essential — both are needed; 2) Thanksgiving! Last week the D.C. Circuit Court ruled that President Trump’s order to end social experimentation in the military was constitutional (see Court Pulls Rank on Military Trans Ban); 3) Meanwhile, a new poll of U.S. servicemen and veterans shows a strong majority agreeing with the President Trump’s policy disqualifying recruits who identify as transgender; 4) Chai Feldblum — Obama’s appointee to the EEOC, chief advocate of the Equality Act, and radical who believes that LGBT issues trump religious liberty in law — is out. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) singlehandedly stood to oppose her reappointment prior to Christmas. It is up to Democrats to nominate her replacement. Pray their nominee will not be another radical activist; 5) Newly installed Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has ordered an end to the exemption for religious organizations with state contracts, grants, or loans from stringent sexual orientation/gender identity anti-discrimination laws. A 2015 law says such organizations are not required to provide services that conflict with their beliefs. Agencies like Catholic Charities and Bethany Christian Services hold faith principles that dictate the kinds of homes in which they can place children. Michigan’s new Attorney General, the state’s first officeholder who openly identifies as homosexual, says she will probably not defend the law, now being challenged in federal court by the ACLU on behalf of same-sex couples. Politicians are being aggressively pushed to take this kind of action in U.S. jurisdiction after jurisdiction by the radical Left. It will become national policy if liberals in Congress have their way with the Fairness for All or the Equality Act. Is there not a cause to pray?

How much your prayers are needed! Help us to recruit other prayer warriors. Send your friends to Ways to Connect with FRC to subscribe to the free Prayer Targets! Thank you for praying!

Rev. Pierre Bynum
Chaplain & National Prayer Director

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