In-SLEAZE planning to run for Presi-DENT

WGEN readers know I refer to this piece of *greenery* as ‘IN SLEAZE’ – because SLEAZY is what he is.  It is the West side (mainly the King/Snohomish/Pierce and Thurston counties) who elect this kind of far left politicians.  The Eastern side of the state still is able to THINK and not elect SLEAZE to the Governors office.

I am sending this to the entire WGEN list rather than just the Washington portion as this SLEAZE bucket is planning to run for PRESI – DENT –  This is to provide advance info on what he is and what he isn’t.  The only GREEN about him is the $$$$ he can move around.
Jackie Juntti


Jay Inslee (gov. of Washington)State group says ‘green’ gov would run on ineffective record

Since taking office in 2013, Governor Jay Inslee (D-Washington) (pictured) has been focused primarily on climate and environmental policy – something the two-term governor plans to run on to win his party’s presidential nomination in 2020. But Todd Myers of Washington Policy Center says Inslee doesn’t have much to show for all the rhetoric.

“Washington has twice rejected carbon taxes,” Myers explains, “[and] his own party has actually rejected carbon taxes in the legislature. So he actually hasn’t achieved much in his primary area of focus.”

Myers adds that Governor Inslee set targets for what his administration would achieve in terms of reducing CO2 emissions, and he’s missed all of those targets.

“The other thing he said when he came into office was he saw no reason to raise taxes, but he’s actually proposed raising taxes every year since then,” adds Myers.

“He also focused on what’s called lean management approaches, which is a good government approach where you set targets, you set goals,” he adds. “And unfortunately he hasn’t followed through on that. He has instead sort of given up on those and focused on more traditionally left-wing policies.”

The points out that among other issues Enslee touts about Washington is that it has “the best weed in the United States of America.” Medical and recreational marijuana use is legal in the state.

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