CBS Fake News Loses Big To Burke Ramsey…MSM Silent on Pedo Who Wrote Book About JonBenet Charged With Child Porn

Jon Benet Ramsey was murdered in her home on December 22, 1996. The case remains unsolved.

MSM covered this like they do everything else….dramatizing crazy conspiracy theories because ratings matter. CBS ran a television series in 2016 that led people to believe her younger brother Burke had killed her. Their fake news finally caught up with them…yesterday they settled Burke’s 750 million dollar lawsuit. The settlement is not being disclosed but one can imagine that it was significant. CBS reports fake news just like every other MSM outlet but you should totally believe their everyday reporting because Science….or something….

Interesting current events have happened of late that are somewhat connected to the Jon Benet Ramsey case and strangely enough no one is connecting the dots.

In December David J. Hughes was accused of sexual assault of a 3 year old child….

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