Okay, so President Trump has gone to the Texas-Mexico border to make comments about the necessity to build a wall, preceded by his short Oval Office speech in which he correctly identified the problem as an invasion and a national emergency.  This would require, if necessary, his executive authority and declaration to take whatever steps are necessary to stop that invasion, which means he will begin the process of building the wall he promised us if the Democrats still refuse to provide wall funding.

But President Trump knows full well the Democrats have a corrupt Liberal federal judge already lined up to issue a stay of his order pending a full legal review.  I expect that judicial order to be issued immediately.

So my prediction is that President Trump will indeed issue a declaration of national emergency, allegedly to begin building the wall immediately, and he will then sign the spending bill to end the partial government shutdown.  That will be followed by legal wrangling that could take months, since Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court is a Liberal asshole who will refuse to recognize the obvious emergency status of the issue.

End result?  The partial government shutdown will end, and we will still have a continuing invasion of criminals and drugs flowing over our southern border.

Now if the Prez is acting in good faith, he won’t immediately sign the spending bill, pending a probable legal challenge, and thus keep the only leverage he has on the Democrats.  But I don’t see it that way.  I think he’ll sign the spending bill and blame the judiciary for stopping the wall construction, thus relieving him of any blame — or so he thinks.

President Trump still has not released those FISA Court documents he promised us.  Remember that.

Carl F. Worden

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