Grandson’s Note to Barr During Confirmation Hearing Goes Viral

Submitted by MAGA Student

A photographer captured an image of a letter written to Attorney General nominee William Barr by his grandson.

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A photographer captured an image of the letter Attorney General nominee William Barr’s grandson wrote to him during his confirmation hearing Tuesday.

Liam Daly, Barr’s 8-year-old grandson, sat with his family during the hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee and scribbled a letter to Barr on a U.S. Senate notepad.

“Dear Grandpa,” the letter, captured by a Reuters photographer, reads. “I love you so much. You are doing great so far … I am having so much fun.”

He concluded the note with a bit of misspelled foreign policy advice for his grandfather, who would oversee special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation if confirmed by the Senate.

“P.S. I think Rusha’s people are fine. It is the government is the problam,” Liam wrote.

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