Democrats strategy of false message delivery to the public

My deep appreciation to Norm for checking this out and then sending me this post about it.
I try hard to not share *dubious* emails as they are not only a waste of time but deceptive as well.  Should have followed my initial feeling as it came from someone I don’t know but who has added me to her (?) list.
Thank you so very much, Norm.

Jackie Juntti

RE: Democrats strategy of false message delivery to the public

Jackie ­

Here’s the problem . . . the link you sent is a 36 second “user created” clip of a 29 minute, 42 second House Minority Leader Weekly Briefing dated June 22, 2017. The briefing is a “Praise My Democrats” paean mixed with a nearly non-stop slamming session on the Republican Caucus and President Trump.

C-SPAN has a red disclaimer that says, “This clip, title, and description were not created by C-SPAN.

The full briefing is located at:

Pelosi is not “speaking to a group of Democrats” unless you consider every member of the media a Democrat. She was giving prepared remarks to the media, and then taking questions from the press. (One of the questions was from a reporter who sounded quite pro-life with her question, so even if most of the people in the room were Ds, probably not all of them were.) Pelosi is not giving a class.

The context for the clip is that it took place during the media Q&A after her prepared remarks. She was accusing the Republicans of doing what she called “wrap-up smears” and that part of the full video starts at 26 minutes, 34 seconds into the briefing.

Things are wild enough in the Other Washington without anyone needing to misrepresent what’s going on. C-SPAN user VICROW is not doing conservatives any service by what whoever VICROW is did with that blatantly out-of-context pulled clip.

Unfortunately, you can “make this up” with today’s readily available video editing tools. So . . . if it sounds too good (or bad) to be true, it probably is. Even if it sounds true, remember that a great man once said, “Trust, but verify.”

Please note that  I have NOT viewed the links given below (my eyes just can’t deal with them) and I do not know the sender of this post that arrived in my in-box this morning.  I am sending this to the WGEN list as I have heard of this from a couple other sources.  It is up to each reader to decide what to think on this.
Jackie Juntti

Subject: Democrats strategy of false message delivery to the public

Pelosi and the Democrats strategy of false message delivery to the public is now on a video below and another video on attached file. It is showing the Democrat party method of promoting false statements

This is a tape of Nancy Pelosi speaking to a group of Democrats explaining how they make up lies and feed them to the media; who immediately write stories and broadcast them so the American people believe the Republicans are evil. She says we demonize people, attack their character and other lies which become facts in the eyes of the American people. This is what they have done to Trump, Kavanaugh and others.
Pelosi is giving the class and explaining how they do this! You can’t make this up. (video is on the social network)
Video is on:

and on:

Please share with leftist this FACTS- (tell your friends it is not ideology) they need to know the truth about “fake news” by Liberal Left – Day and night!!

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