Local theater group hosts awards ceremony for kids, teens

By  Clint Eiland  |   WBBJ

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local theater group composed of kids and teens celebrated Tuesday night with their own annual awards show and ceremony.

Director of Jackson’s Children’s and Teen Theatre, Pat Alford, hosted an awards ceremony Tuesday night at The Ned.

“It’s a good sampling tonight of all the talent that Jackson and the West Tennessee area has,” Alford said.

The actors put on four shows a year, ranging from children’s plays to musicals and other performances. While the performances are the main goal, Alford wants the participants to learn more than just acting.

“Self esteem and making the young people feel so good and confident when they walk on stage and not to be afraid,” Alford said.

For many in the group, this is their way of expressing their creativity, as well as overcoming fears of public speaking.

Alford says she’s happy her students are learning character-building skills.

One of her pupils, Audrey Corman, gave some advice for anyone looking to join the program.

“If you want to be in The Ned, you have to be out of yourself and you can’t just stay in, because that’s what I did at first, and the people here are just so supportive of each other,” Corman said.

Some of the awards presented were best actress, actor and supporting actor.

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