Eldridge raises significantly more money than Conger and Woods in race for Jackson’s mayor

From the contributions alone you can see that little would change, in regards to the city’s financial responsibility to its taxpayers, if any of these men were elected. The payoffs would follow, probably Eldridge more so since he has collected more. Each of those companies are making an investment for which they will ask something in return and none of the front runners would have the courage to say no. We are only slightly encouraged that Mr. Conger records showed he, gay rights supporter, contributed to his own campaign.

Adam Friedman |  Jackson Sun

Newly filed campaign finance disclosure forms show former State Representative Jimmy Eldridge has raised significantly more than any other mayoral candidate in race for mayor.

Eldridge has raised $185,658.55 since he announced his candidacy last February.

Former City Councilman Scott Conger has raised $35,332, the second-most of three candidates who had to file financial disclosure reports.

Jerry Woods has raised$11,345.98.

Former Madison County Republican Party Chairman Mark Johnstone announced he was entering the mayoral race on Thursday. Johnstone doesn’t have to submit a financial disclosure forms since he hadn’t appointed a treasurer by Jan. 15.

Notable donations to Eldridge

Before running in this election Eldridge served as the representative from Madison County in Tennessee General Assembly for 16 years. The largest contribution to his campaign came from the Jimmy Eldridge for State Representative political campaign, which gave $80,558.55

The largest contributions to his political campaign were from FedEx, who gave $8,600, and the Jackson Clinic, who gave $6,000, according to Vote Smart.

Jimmy Eldridge speaks at the podium at a board meeting

Jimmy Eldridge speaks at the podium at a board meeting at Jackson-Madison County Board of Education in Jackson, Tenn., Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018. (Photo: HENRY TAYLOR/The Jackson Sun)

The largest sector to donate to his PAC was from financial and real estate representatives who gave $19,326.61. The largest industry to donated was from the hospital and nursing homes industry who gave $13,500.

Eldridge has also received 35 donations from individuals listed as CEOs or executives.

The companies include Brentwood Services Inc, Volunteer International, Murray Guard, Construction Products Inc., Henry Turley Development, Hoyt Hayes Construction, Gary Taylor Development, Butts Foods, H&M Construction Inc., Colormatch Inc., John Allen Construction Co., PDQ Transportation, Garrett Plumbing and Heating, Williams Steel, Haynes and Barker, FirstBank, Overton Construction, Neo Products Inc., Henson Construction Co.,Tursky Development, Golden Circle Ford, Southeastern Termite and Pest Control and Bank of Jackson.

Eldridge also received donations from employees of Allison Insurance, Jackson Clinic, Moss Benton & Wallis, Alexander Thompson & Arnold, TLM Associates, Serra Chevrolet, Youth Town, Shankle Rentals, Armstrong Pie Company, Personnel Placements, Toyota Bodine Inc., Northside Auto, Deaton Carpet One, Heart & Vascular Center and West Tennessee Kidney Specialist.

Eldridge received donations from $9,200 for a combination of 10 political action committees or campaigns.

WSWT PAC gave $1,000, DS PAC LLC gave $500, The Jackson Clinic PAC gave $500, Johnson Victory PAC gave $1,000, Red State PAC gave $2,500, ARDA ROC PAC gave $1,000, CAS PAC gave $500, Curtis Halford Campaign gave $1,000, Shawn Daly for School Board gave $700 and Greer for Congress gave $500.

Eldridge received campaign contributions from the former Tennessee Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, former State Representative Stephen McDaniel and Madison County Mayor Jimmy Harris.

Former Jackson City Councilman Scott Conger announced,

Notable donations to Conger

A total of 38 individuals or couples donated to Conger’s campaign. The largest group came from seven individuals associated with Couples J&J who gave a combined $8,500.

Conger received donations from three individuals listed as CEOs or owners.

Conger also received donations from individuals who employed by Doxicom Global, Physical Therapy of Jackson, Lifeline Blood Services, Sunshine Ventures Tennessee, Sodexo, Ingram Content Group, Tim Ferguson Plumbing, H&M Construction Inc., Kimley-horn, Gourmet Your Way and First Tennessee Bank.

Conger personally donated $745 to his own campaign.

Dr. Jerry Woods announced his candidacy for mayor ofNotable donations to Woods

Woods had 26 individuals donate to his campaign, but 12 of them were not located in the Jackson-Madison County area, those donations totaled $5,300.

Woods received donations from three individuals listed as CEOs or owners.

Employees from Allstate Insurance, Midsouth Heart Center, Doxicom Global Recycling, MTSU, Nucor-Yamato Steel Company and Coventry Services all donated to Woods campaign.

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