If Only the Washington Post Were As Noble and Virtuous As It Claims

by Erick Erickson |  The Resurgent 

The Washington Post spent a good chunk of change on an ad campaign that elevates reporters to something above first responders. The hubris is amazing and the arrogance takes your breath away. It is also not true.

The Washington Post has repeatedly belittled, ignored, and otherwise attacked people, organizations, and ideas based on world view, not based on facts.

The Washington Post keeps a progressive writer as a conservative blogger, willfully ignoring conservative concerns and objections and the writer’s own history.

The Washington Post repeatedly ignored the Kermit Gosnell story as a “local crime story” until shamed into covering it and even now works to minimize the comments from Virginia legislators with a “conservatives pounce” angle.

The Washington Post pursued the Christine Blasey Ford allegations against Brett Kavanaugh in the name of believing all women, but now that the Lt. Governor of Virginia is accused of sexual impropriety has decided there are too many red flags to believe all women.

The Washington Post that hounded George Allen across Virginia for the “macaca” comment and portrayed Ed Gillespie as a Trump white nationalist couldn’t be bothered to even dig into Ralph Northam’s yearbook until another media outlet did it.

The Washington Post was quick to get the Covington Catholic school story wrong because it conformed to the world view of its reporters.

The Washington Post reported James Comey requested more resources to beef up his Russia investigation days before he was fired. The FBI and Department of Justice both denied that report, but the Washington Post never bothered to correct the story.

The Washington Post claimed Russian hackers had invade the American electric grid via Vermont. They rewrote the story without so much as an editor’s note.

The Washington Post has become a tool of the left in much of its reporting. It ignores facts that do not adhere to the worldview of its editorial positions. It puts conservatives on the op-ed page as if to cover up for its biases and then throws in Jenn Rubin claiming she is a conservative.

It would be great if we had a news organization that does as the Washington Post claims it does. But we don’t. We have the fantasy of the Washington Post and its reality is decidedly more partisan and, in fact, more partisan now than it has been in a very long time.

Instead of wasting money on Super Bowl ads, it should actually try to be fair and right instead of first and inaccurate.

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