Trump wants State of the Union to bolster Year Three

By Jonathan Easley and Alexis Simendinger

From the well of the House tonight, President Trump will embrace tradition and declare the state of America’s union strong.

In a setting freighted with 2020 aspirations, divided government and the uncertainties of criminal probes, the president will defend his policies and lay out a political challenge to his adversaries, many of whom will be in the audience.

As Niall Stanage reports, the State of the Union event takes place as a majority of voters say they oppose a second term for the incumbent president, disapprove of the recent 35-day partial government shutdown over a wall and worry the country is on the wrong track.

Trump and his top advisers argue he will deliver a “unity” message, but as Politico’s Anita Kumar reports, there are disagreements about whether Americans will hear tonight from “teleprompter Trump” or “Twitter Trump.” Odds are they’ll recognize both in the 45th president.

The Hill’s Jordan Fabian analyzes what audiences should listen for in tonight’s speech, including how the president describes his executive authority ahead of another funding deadline on Feb. 15 tied to border security. Senate Republicans have warned Trump not to choose the national emergency route.

The Hill: Trump hints at new announcements in State of the Union speech.

The Hill: President will face an audience of political opponents.

Bloomberg: The president’s speech will implore Congress to compromise on issues including immigration and to “bridge old divisions.”

The televised Democratic response will be delivered by Georgia’s Stacey Abrams, who says she’ll decide by March if she’ll seek a Senate seat in 2020. She narrowly lost her state’s gubernatorial contest in November, and is considered a rising star in her party (Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

Also responding tonight in Spanish will be California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says he’ll deliver his own Trump rebuttal for a third year on Facebook Live, Twitter and YouTube.

The Hill: Democrats seek to demonstrate they’re challenging the president.

The Hill: Senate Dems seek to block use of military funds for Trump wall.

Seated behind Trump will be Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who forced the president to postpone his address until the government reopened and says Democrats will not approve new funds for a “wall” at the southern border.

Trump says he respects Pelosi’s legislative know-how and her ability to hold her conference together. But in recent weeks, he’s begun shaping a narrative that his new nemesis is so powerful, liberal and “rigid,” she’s a danger.

“I think she is very bad for our country,” he said during a CBS News interview on Friday.

AddendumPelosi hits highest favorability rating since 2007, jumping 8 points since December in CNN poll (The Hill).Two years after inauguration, federal prosecutors subpoena Trump’s inaugural committee (The Associated Press). … How have Trump’s promises fared from last year’s address? (The New York Times). … Reminder: State of the Union speeches rarely fuel big bounces in opinion polls (Politifact). … The president and first lady’s guest list for the joint address to Congress (The White House).

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