No candidates filed to run for a seat on the Kansas City school board

All of the seats on the Kansas City school board in Missouri are up for election in 2019, with eight candidates filing to run for the seven positions that are up for election. There will be contested elections in only two of the board’s five districts, and in another district, no candidate filed to run at all.

A 2013 law required the Kansas City Public Schools to reduce the size of its’ board from nine members to seven by eliminating one at-large seat and reducing the number of districts from six to five. The entire school board is up for election this year to accommodate this change.

Two incumbents filed to run for the two at-large seats, and two of the board’s five districts have just a single candidate. In two other districts, two candidates filed to run for each seat. And in the board’s Sub-district 4, no one filed to run at all. If no write-in candidates are added to the ballot, the district will appoint someone to that position.

The filing deadline for this election was January 15, and the general election will take place on April 2. Kansas City Public Schools is the third-largest Missouri school district with 2019 elections and the 11th-largest school district in the state, serving a total of 15,724 students during the 2015-2016 school year. The Kansas City Public Schools fiscal year 2019 budget is $303 million. In all, Ballotpedia is covering elections for 28 school board seats across 11 school districts in Missouri this year.

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