POLITICS-GOVT SOTU – a primetime chance for Dems to show their disdain for Trump

By Chad Groening, Jody Brown   | OneNewsNow.com

Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin frowning

A pro-family leader and conservative columnist says President Donald Trump can expect a cold reception from Democrats during tonight’s State of the Union address.

The White House says the president will call for optimism and unity in his SOTU address, using the opportunity to attempt a reset after two years of bitter partisanship and deeply personal attacks. But The Associated Press predicts that skepticism will emanate from both sides of the aisle when Trump enters the House chamber for the prime-time address to lawmakers and the nation.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders indicated last night that the president would highlight what he sees as achievements and downplay discord.

“You’re going to continue see the president push for policies that help continue the economic boom,” Sanders said Monday night while appearing on Fox News. “You’re also going to see the president call on Congress and say, ‘Look, we can either work together and get great things done – or we can fight each other and get nothing done.’ And frankly, the American people deserve better than that.”

Among other topics, Trump is expected to discuss immigration and his border wall tonight. Among the immigration plans the president is expected to propose are: (1) $800 million in humanitarian assistance, (2) $805 million in drug-detection technology, (3) 2,750 more border agents and officials, (4) 75 new immigration judge teams, (5) three years’ protection for DREAMers, and (6) $5.7 billion in funding for construction of a steel barrier along portions of the southern border.

Conservative activist and columnist Robert Knight fully expects the Democrats will show their disdain for Trump tonight.

Robert Knight“The progressives have drifted so far to the left [and are] so full of hatred for anything normal and healthy in American life and America’s heritage that they want to demonstrate it nationally,” he tells OneNewsNow. “And a good way to do it is to show their disdain when President Trump says things that ordinary Americans might applaud, such as we need to protect and secure our borders.”

Knight says Trump “has always been a showman,” so he expects Republicans will have a different reaction to the president’s address. “I imagine his speech will be entertaining; it may be inspiring – and I think if it is, he’ll get a lot of support from his side of the aisle.”

The State of the Union was originally scheduled for January 29, but was delayed a week because of the government shutdown brought about when Democrats refused to negotiate with the president about his request for $5.7 billion to fund a border wall. Trump has hinted that he will shut down the government again, or declare a national emergency, if Democrats don’t deal in good faith in negotiating an agreement on illegal immigration before his February 15 deadline.

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