Tennessee Pending Bill Report February 9, 2019

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The Tennessee Firearms Association has started the process of identifying which of approximate 2000 bills and resolutions it will be tracking this year.  Attached to this update is a PDF of the bills that TFA has already identified for tracking.  Some of these, very few, are good and most are of minimal interest, dangerous or just “Ocasio-Cortez quality”.

In reviewing this list, it is important to understand that many of these bills may have nothing to do with the true intent of the sponsors.  Some are just “captions” or “head fakes” with the sponsor or leadership holding the real bill back as a last minute amendment.  In other instances, there will be amendments made which try to rewrite or even improve the bill.  So, what you see on the attached list is certainly not final.

Also, it is important to read the text of the bills and not just these captions.  You can look up the bills based on the HBxxxx or SBxxxx numbers on the Legislative website.

If you are aware of a bill that you think TFA should be tracking but its not on the list, please let us know.

In addition, TFA is attaching the calendar for next week of bills that are scheduled to be heard.

John Harris

Executive Director

Joining and supporting TFA is an investment in the fight to restore our constitutional rights and to fight against politicians who are willing to sell their votes and your rights to whichever business interest gives them the most money!

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