A Tennessee clinic swindled the military out of $65M

The Nashville Tennessean’s  Brett Kelman released a report that involved Bill Schneid, a private investigator, had been snooping around Southern California military bases for who knows what where he became antiquated with a Marine.

The story starts with this Marine who was being paid to get medicine he didn’t need. From where you ask… from a “Tennessee doctor he had never met wrote him a medicinal cream prescription, which was being filled by a pharmacy in Utah. The military covered the bill and the Marine got a cash kickback from somebody. When the creams arrived in the mail, the Marine didn’t actually use them.”

The story continues with “medicine which had been prescribed, supplied and delivered seemingly for no reason at all. Nobody needed it. Nobody wanted it. So what was the point?”

According to court records make clear the enormity of the conspiracy. The scheme that Schneid stumbled upon in 2015 stretched from California to Tennessee, involving people and companies from at least four states. In Tennessee, two doctors and a nurse practitioner have pleaded guilty to defrauding a military insurance program, called Tricare, out of $65 million. At least two more suspects are still facing charges. Federal prosecutors also are attempting to seize swaths of East Tennessee farmland, a strip mall, and a large estate they argue was purchased with health care fraud profits.

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