Republicans moving Left, Moving to Expand TN Medicaid, Newly Elected Gov. Lee leading the way

The state of Tennessee voters might as well just elected a Democrat.

The story goes on and on about those that are not insured but all this will do is make deception much more possible and the state’s debt greater.

By Joel Ebert and Natalie Allison  | Nashville Tennessean

Republican lawmakers are working on a bill they say could eventually provide health care coverage to the working poor in Tennessee through a block grant system.

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally and his Republican colleagues in the Senate said they support an effort underway by Sen. Paul Bailey, R-Sparta, to “address the population that’s below 138 percent of the poverty level.”

It’s unclear how they would secure any additional coverage for those currently uninsured, and how many people would actually be affected under their proposal.

“We’ll be looking at the population that probably was most in need of insurance but left out of affordable care,” McNally, R-Oak Ridge, said.

Of course the Dems are never satisfied

Democrats, who have long fought to expand the state’s Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act, said the latest proposal moves in the wrong direction.

The first step of the proposal seeks to find savings and greater flexibility in the state’s current Medicaid system. After that, the Republicans said the proposal could look at covering some currently uninsured  individuals.

Although McNally did not provide many details, he said the proposal could include vouchers or health savings accounts and would ultimately need to be approved by the federal government.

Similar ideas were proposed in 2016 after former House Speaker Beth Harwell, R-Nashville, formed a task force that ultimately sought to ask federal officials to provide health care to Tennesseans with a block grant.

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