Mike Huckabee’s Evening Edition February 10th, 2019

By Mike Huckabee |  February 102019

Better late than never!

Nancy Pelosi finally thought it was safe enough to let the President of the United States deliver the State of the Union address in the Capitol so he came and he delivered a stem-winder of a speech this week, 2nd only in length to Bill Clinton’s 2000 SOTU speech.

But except for the most virulent Trump-haters, like the Democrat women who all wore white for some reason that still makes no sense to me, most analysts gave him high marks for both content and the ever elusive “tone.”

The ladies in white must not be Southern ladies, as they would have known that proper ladies don’t wear white until Easter and only before Labor Day.  Plus had they been proper Southern ladies, they would have never been so rude as to refuse to stand for a 10 year old fighting cancer, or lines uttered by the President that we need to work together to make America great not for Republicans or Democrats, but for the American people.  In fact, had they been proper Southern ladies, they would have stood for the President in respect for his office, no matter how much they despised him.  And they would have said, “Bless his heart!” throughout the speech.  And you know what it means when a Southern woman starts or ends a sentence with “Bless your heart?”  It means you’re about to be gutted like a deer, but she will do it while smiling and serving you pecan pie and sweet tea.

The only thing that got them off their seats was when he actually cheered for them!  Yep.  They may not stand for a D-Day veteran, a Holocaust survivor, or a 10 year cancer survivor, but they will stand up for themselves.

In the speech, the President outlined a way forward to build the border wall to protect Americans.

To illustrate the need, he introduced families of those killed by illegals who wouldn’t have been in the country had we taken seriously the control of the border.

For me, one of the President’s most powerful moments was his full-throated defense of human life and his bold and unapologetic rebuke of the appalling practice of late-term abortion of full term babies and actually killing them after they are born.

NO President EVER has spoken with such moral clarity as did President Trump on the repugnant and savage notion of killing babies for convenience.

To their credit, there were some Democrats who actually applauded and even stood when the President was extolling that we have the lowest ever unemployment numbers for African-Americans, Hispanics and women.  But for the most part, the opposition party stayed stuck in their seats as if they had run out of Preparation H and it just hurt too much to stand and sit again.

And poor Bernie Sanders sat with such a scowl on his face that one wondered if he had gulped a mustard milkshake with pickle chunks just before the speech.

And of course, there sat Elizabeth Warren, who looked much more pale-faced than the American Indian she fraudulently claimed to be on her application for admittance to the Texas Bar.  That revelation reportedly has her re-thinking getting into the Presidential primary, but in a gracious show of kindness, President Trump has offered to have her lead the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

For his part, President Trump rose to the occasion and acted, well…Presidential…and offered more than an olive branch, but the entire olive tree.

Of course, if something doesn’t give in the next few days, we could be right back at another government shutdown, or the President could declare a national emergency, which the caravans are truly becoming, and build the wall to protect the American people even if the House Democrats had rather hide behind their comfortable walls and let YOU fend for yourself.

And one other thing—if you wondered why all those Democrat women dressed in white ske-daddled out of the House chamber even before the President left, it was because they all got a text saying that Penney’s White Sale had been extended for another week.

When I was Governor of Arkansas, all my staffers had a standing order to be respectful and courteous to everyone who came to our offices.  It didn’t matter if their grammar wasn’t perfect or they wore dirty clothes that they had to sweat through to make a living.  They were all our bosses, and we must never forget that we worked for them, not the other way around.

It sounds as if the new Democratic Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Griffin, could stand to hear that message.  This week, she announced that she is reversing her Republican predecessor’s order to put National Guard troops on the border to help local residents cope with rampant illegal immigration and drug criminals.  Out of 118 troops still there, she will leave only 12 “to assist with humanitarian needs” of illegal entrants.


The move is in defiance of President Trump’s description of the border situation as a crisis and his (fortunately timed for her border-dwelling constituents) decision to order 3,750 more troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to put up barbed wire and provide support for border agents.  Is defying Trump really more important than protecting New Mexico citizens’ safety?

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