Jacob Schwartz had another court date yesterday: Adjournment Bail Extended…guessing he never gets punished? UPDATE!

By Yvonne Burton |  redpillsentinel.com
UPDATE: Court date is February 26th…..Prediction: This will be a show trial…bought and paid for by daddy Shwartz….if he gets convicted at all it will be a slap on the wrist….for some reason elites love to let the pedophiles off easy….infer from that what you will….so sick of elites who hurt children getting away with it…going to take this to God….Psalms 141: 5-6….

UPDATE: Hearing Continued Bail Extended? Another court date in February? Will update more info as I find it….


UPDATE: Yesterday was Jacob Schwartz 13th court date. I have been keeping up with this case to see if justice would be served but now I can’t even pull up the following information like what I have posted below because there is no information on the New York Court records site. They had already sealed the information I have posted below but now I can’t even pull up his name on their site. I’m going to try and find out what’s going on but it’s looking more and more like there will be no justice served here.Two sets of rules. One for the rubes and one for the elites….I will update if I find out more information….

Jacob Schwartz, aide to Mayor de Blasio, was arrested last May on possession of child porn with 3,000 images and 89 videos depicting girls as young as 6 months old performing sex acts on adult men. His bail was only 7,500 and he has been out on bail since last May. He had another court date yesterday. He got another adjournment bail extended.

Why doesn’t anyone care that this pedophile has been walking free over a year now? His next court date is in September. Unless people start paying attention I’m guessing he will never be punished. What is wrong with our country that we don’t take child rape seriously?
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