I wonder why Hollywood isn’t acknowledging this?  Actress, writer and producer, Adrienne Shelly, was murdered in her New York apartment/office by an illegal immigrant from Ecuador.

At first, New York Police believed Shelly had committed suicide by hanging in her apartment/office, which was kept separate from her residence.  She was found asphyxiated with a rope-sheet around her neck in her bathroom.

Image result for adrienne shellyShelly’s husband refused to accept the police verdict of suicide, and he paid for a second autopsy, but both medical examiners agreed to the suicide finding.

It would have been the perfect crime, had the husband not convinced a New York Detective to look closer at the case, because everyone who knew Adrienne Shelly insisted she was happily married and happily invested in Image result for adrienne shellyher successful career.  In other words, she had no apparent motive to commit suicide.

So the cops reexamined the evidence and noticed a photo of a footprint left by a sneaker on the toilet seat next to the body.  They originally thought the footprint had been left by responding EMT’s or cops, but after checking all of their footwear they realized the print was possibly left by an intruder!

The cops also noted the unusual knot that had been tied to a fixture in the bathroom.  It was a specialized knot, but they’d never seen one like it before.

So the Detective found out what kind of sneaker left the print to compare to the shoes they believed a future suspect might own.

Consider this the Hand of God:  When the detectives went downstairs to an apartment that was under construction, they saw the same footprint on a piece of sheet rock.  They investigated and found that a worker here illegally from Ecuador was working on that construction site, so they brought him in for questioning.  The suspect confessed.

As often happens with illegal immigrants, the suspect had walked upstairs to see if he could loot an apartment with an unlocked door, since he knew the tenants were all wealthy Americans.  He found Shelly’s door open, so he walked in.

Shelly discovered him, he disabled her and then left her to die by slow strangulation after he rigged her body up to look like a suicide.  He had learned to tie the knot working at a pig slaughterhouse in Ecuador.  It was a knot used to hang pigs.  Had the suspect not confessed, he would have gotten away with that murder.

Hollywood’s voices were, at best, muted regarding this case.  Adrienne Shelly had appeared in several films and was a growing force in that culture.  If you look Shelly’s photographs up on Google, you’ll easily remember her.  She left a three year-old child and an emotionally broken husband behind.


Carl F. Worden

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