From the maddening crowd; 10 Years Ago Today

Suppose all restaurants were closed by the government except McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s.

“But I want roast beef,” you’d say.

“You can’t have roast beef,” they’d say, “we made Arby’s close.”

“Then I want a good steak,” you’d continue.

“You can’t have steak either, we closed Outback Steakhouse too,” they’d counter, the tone reinforcing their self-proclaimed authority, “you’ll have to pick from among the choices WE give you, understand?”

“But, all three of those choices will stuff my veins with bad cholesterol and my body with fats, and I don’t want to be fat or die early,” you’d complain.

“It’s time you figure out who runs things around here. It ain’t you. All you need to understand is that we’re going to force unsaturated fats and high cholesterol down your throat, whether or not it’s good for you and whether or not you like it. You need to learn to be satisfied with being able to choose whether you think flame-broiled or fried is better for you, and be grateful we’re giving you any choice at all. Very soon, we’re going to close two of the three we have open now., and you’ll have to live with what WE give you.” they’d respond, with an air of finality.

Doesn’t that about sum up the McCain, Obama and Hillary choice? “Shut up and pick one.”

In memory of Fred Marshall Jr.

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