Oppose SB 5395 WA State Comprehensive Sexual Education – Bill Being Heard on Wednesday. Action Needed!

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This Bill is being heard, tomorrow – the Comprehensive Sexual Education Bill, SB 5395, so it is the first and most important one to oppose at the moment, although the link below shows the other Bills coming up that need to be opposed, as well.  This info comes from Protect WA Children and Chris Plante at Family Policy Institute of Washington (State) and we really need people to at least e-mail, call or both, and if they can, show up in Olympia tomorrow.  I also just received some more info for contacting the representatives in Olympia, which will make it easier to do so, and it is below Chris Plante’s info.  This is already in, or coming to other States, so even if you don’t live in WA State, please look into CSE for your State.

This Bill includes teaching about being Transgender, even at very young ages, dangerous ‘safe sex’ practices, like anal and oral sex, and takes local control from each school district, to decide the type of sex education each district wants to use.  This will be mandated by the State.  Look at the FLASH info on FPIW, and see if this is something you want being taught to WA children?  The FLASH curriculum was written by two gay men and two lesbian women, in Seattle.  https://www.fpiw.org/  Links below to this info.

If any of our Washington State, WGEN members can at least e-mail or call, it will really help, as numbers count, as far as comments go, on Bills.  The Bill is being heard at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, so it would be great if we could have a last ditch effort to flood the Inboxes, phone lines, or pack out the gallery like we saw the hairdressers do, last week. Some of us in Vancouver are car-pooling and can contact me if interested in going to Olympia tomorrow.

We need to be watching for HB 1407, the companion Bill to SB 5395, in the House, next.

Here are some links to watch, if you do not know about CSE – Comprehensive Sexual Education or the FLASH Curriculum.  I think it will spur some to call in, e-mail or attend tomorrow’s hearing.   Thanks! Carol

Info on CSE can be found on any of these sites –https://www.comprehensivesexualityeducation.org/cse-facts/ https://c-fam.org/briefing_paper/seven-reasons-reject-comprehensive-sexuality-education/  https://www.heritage.org/education/report/what-do-parents-want-taught-sex-education-programs https://www.catholiceducation.org/en/marriage-and-family/sexuality/the-failure-of-sex-education.html Info on FLASH from our site can be found here:  http://www.fpiw.org/?s=%22Gender+Identity%22+OR+%22Gender+Expression%22 The videos from the GenderRevolution presentation are broken down into 15minute chunks on FPIW’s YouTube page. Blessings, CHRIS  Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2019 22:10:30 +0000
From: Chris Plante <chris@fpiw.org>

All, here is the link to our updated agenda page, directly to the talking points and contact info for 5395



Chris Plante
Director of Operations and Policy
Family Policy Institute of Washington
16108 Ash Way, Suite 113
Lynnwood, WA 98087

Mobile: 425-595-9211

Office: 425-608-0242

From the group (Protect Washington Children) in which I am involved:

Please share to as many people as possible.  We only have a short time to make this happen.  We need a strong showing or the opposition will continue to control our state.

Please contact your reps by email, by phone, and by the Bill Comments Onlineform.

Step 1: Draft an email to your elected officials to voice a concern or make an appointment to speak with them.

https://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/ Please in the blanks.

Step 2: Follow up with a phone call- get to know the Legislative Assistant (LA-the person who assists the legislator by answering phones, keeping the schedule, etc)



Step 3: Comment directly from the bill using the Bill Comments Onlineform.   (For this bill, SB 5395, just click this link: https://app.leg.wa.gov/pbc/bill//5395)

For future reference here is the guide on how to comment on bills in Washington State using the Bill Comments Onlineform:


Step 4: Know who sits on the committee that will hear the bill so that you can contact them directly.


Committee Members (click on their name to find their email address)

Senator Room Phone
Wellman, Lisa (D)

218 John A. Cherberg Building (360) 786-7641
Wilson, Claire (D)

Vice Chair
407 Legislative Building (360) 786-7658
Hawkins, Brad (R)

Ranking Member
107 Irv Newhouse Building (360) 786-7622
Holy, Jeff (R) 201 Irv Newhouse Building (360) 786-7610
Hunt, Sam (D) 405 Legislative Building (360) 786-7642
McCoy, John (D) 305 Legislative Building (360) 786-7674
Mullet, Mark (D) 415 Legislative Building (360) 786-7608
Padden, Mike (R) 106 Irv Newhouse Building (360) 786-7606
Pedersen, Jamie (D) 235 John A. Cherberg Building (360) 786-7628
Salomon, Jesse (D) 404 Legislative Building (360) 786-7662
Wagoner, Keith (R) 109A Irv Newhouse Building (360) 786-7676

Step 5: You can directly comment on a bill to a committee member even though they are not your elected official. For example, when you find your committee, click on the member’s name to bring up their email address and fill out the form.  Then confirm that you are not in the Senator’s district.  “Please send my email anyway”

Type in your bill # (5395) which then populates the bill title.

Complete your subject and then 1000 character limit message.

We would suggest that you indicate YES, to get a response from the Senator even though there is no guarantee of that.

Step 6:  Use the Hotline number -800-562-6000- to send a message to your Senator and both Representatives with one call.

VOILA!  Those are the recommended steps you take in commenting on a bill.

Repeat for each desired committee member and bill.

Sometimes a single phone call to discuss a few bills is helpful.

One last tip- know when your committees meet.



Look up bills here:


Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is being pushed hard here in Washington State, but really around the world, as reported in this War on Children video: https: //vimeo.com/159811104.

Several communities in Washington State have successfully, although temporarily, pushed back and prevented if from coming to our schools as can be seen in these videos:



A Senate Bill, SB 5395, and its companion in the House, HB 1407 are being advanced to require CSE in EVERY Washington school.  You can read the bills here:



Hopefully you’ll notice several concerns in the bill, but here are a couple important ones:

1) Loss of local control school board members cannot represent their community.

2)  skills based instruction see definition below


Health education has gone through quite a paradigm shift. Teachers are just catching up. Understanding the adolescent brain is one piece of research that has been helpful, but another shift is skills-based instruction, learning, demonstrating and assessment. We’ve started to ask better questions

The first hearing is on this Wednesday, February 13th at 1:30pm in Olympia.

If you testify, prepare a 1-page written statement and bring at least 12 copies,  one for each committee member and clerk.  Let us know if you will testify and we might be able to coordinate.

Parking around the Capitol is difficult.

You can park at the Farmer’s Market and take the free shuttle service DASH bus


Parking information


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