10 Years Ago Big Brother Was Thinking About Tracking Us All

A government-spending watchdog says a recently discussed plan for raising tax revenue for America’s roads should scare anyone who drives a car.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently stated that he would be willing to implement a plan that will tax motorists on the amount of miles driven. Massachusetts lawmakers have considered such a plan, and pilot programs have been implemented in the Northwest United States.

In order to track the mileage, cars will have to be fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS) units. This has prompted fear of a “big brother state,” and some critics are calling it Orwellian intrusion. David Williams, vice-president of policy with Citizens Against Government Waste, has similar concerns.

Lawmakers have been talking about replacing the gas tax with the mileage tax. When Williams was asked if that was a realistic goal.

“Well, if this were to be like the income tax or the tax system, they probably would not get rid of something — they would just add onto another layer,” he states. “Because every time they talk about reforming the tax system…no one really says to get rid of the current tax system. So [I suspect] we would see it as just another layer.”

Williams says lawmakers are talking about other tax sources for roads because the current system has been poorly managed. For example, Williams says millions of dollars have been used to plant flowers instead of repair roads and bridges.

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