A Possible threat to private property

The drive for so-called Smart Growth programs is catching on in nearly every city in the country. It’s all attached to enforcing Agenda 21 in the name of sustainable development.  According to Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center it is a direct threat to your private property!

He says you might know Smart Growth by another name – “Stack and Pack” high-rise apartments and condos. Look around – they are everywhere.

But did you know that the main targets for elimination in the drive for Smart Growth programs are single-family homes – probably YOUR home?

And believe it or not, the excuse for blocking the building of single-family homes is RACISIM!

Across the nation, city councils and state legislatures are beginning to remove zoning protections for single-family neighborhoods, claiming they are racist discrimination designed to keep certain minorities out of such neighborhoods. In response to these charges some government officials are calling for the end of single-family homes in favor of multiple family apartments.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: the city council is moving to remove zoning that protects single-family neighborhoods, instead planning to add apartment buildings in the mix. The mayor actually said such zoning was “devised as a legal way to keep black Americans and other minorities from moving into certain neighborhoods”. Racist, social injustice are the charges
  • Chicago, Illinois: So-called “affordable housing” advocates have filed a federal complaint against the longtime tradition of allowing City Aldermen veto power over most development proposals in their wards, charging that it promotes discrimination by keeping low-income minorities from moving into affluent white neighborhoods. Essentially the complaint seeks to remove the Aldermen’s ability to represent their own constituents.
  • Baltimore, Maryland: The NAACP filed a suit against the city charging that Section 8 public housing causes ghettos because they are all put into the same areas of town. They won the suit and now the city must spend millions of dollars to move such housing into more affluent neighborhoods. In addition, landlords are no longer permitted to ask potential tenants if they can afford the rent on their properties.
  • Oregon: Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives Tina Kotek (D-Portland) is drafting legislation that would end single-family zoning in cities of 10,000 or more. She claims there is a housing shortage crisis and that economic and racial segregation are caused by zoning restrictions.

Such policy is racing across the nation, fueled by grants from the Housing and Urban Development agency (HUD) and pushed by private non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like the American Planning Association, the Sierra Club, and many more.

This is the destruction of the American Dream of home ownership. It is the end of the ability of average Americans to build private wealth through home ownership — the very reason why America grew into such a wealthy, free nation. That dream is now disappearing under the bulldozers of Smart Growth.


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