Help stop this evil stuff

This is  for parents and those concerned over the filth being put in our childrens heads,

this is meant more for those who live within easy distance to Federal Way.  Please share this info with anyone you think would be interested.

Jackie Juntti

Patricia Conant
The Stop CSE team.


We oppose CSE/ comprehensive sexuality health education (which includes FLASH and KNOW here) because:

CSE promotes gender fluidity and transgenderism at very young ages. Young children can’t comprehend all the gender options. It causes anxiety and confusion. It undermines the family and traditional values, and stigmatizes religious values.

In the name of HIV and sexually transmitted disease prevention, CSE teaches how to have safe sex using condoms for oral,     anal and vaginal sex. This breaks children’s innocence and exposes them to hard core adult topics. Adults must protect children.

CSE undermines PARENTAL RIGHTS when schools promote clinics like Planned Parenthood to young teens.  CSE teaches that    students should go to teen clinics       instead of going to their parents for help, guidance, treatment, and/or advice on sex. At the          clinics teens are treated without parental consent.
The “Comprehensive Sexuality Health Education” states “Educators must “promote youth understanding of sexual activity,           sexuality and sexual orientation.” It       forbids using “gender norms or gender stereotypes, such as there are two sexes –
male and female – which is considered a “stereotype”.

It normalizes activities that are unsafe and unhealthy and uses information that is scientifically incomplete and/or incorrect.

Special note: Federal Way currently has what Senate Bill 5395 will codify in WA State. This bill turns “sexual orientation and gender identity” into law. CSE will be mandatory in all WA schools if SB 5395 passes.

We need Risk Avoidance Education in our schools using true scientific facts, not CSE.

Please JOIN US!! Bring like minded family, neighbors, church members, and friends.

We hope to see you all there in GREAT NUMBERS! Thanks so much.

For more information on our local FLASH and KNOW CSE:

Seattle King County Public Health Guidelines for teens:

Information on the CSE movement world wide:

The War on Children Video: The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda

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