WBBJ-TV and FAKE NEWS; How could they sink So Low!

It appears that the Fake News Virus has Spread to even our own local WBBJ-TV News Team.

On their Sunday Night broadcast they ran the following report:

Local churches celebrate Black History Month

The only problem with the story is they were not celebrating Black History Month. Lambuth Memorial Methodist Church and Whitestone Missionary Baptist Church are two small churches that worship God and celebrate the teachings of Christ every few months together. They share that time given to us to do what Christians are supposed to do.

The part they got right:

The Lambuth Memorial United Methodist Church and Whitestone Missionary Baptist Church came together to worship Sunday afternoon honoring unity and fellowship.

Church members say it was a way for the community to pray and praise together, regardless of race.

“They can expect unity, one with the other no matter what color we are, God doesn’t see color, he sees an individual,” said pastor, John Washington.

Every thing else was media politics.

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