Dumb And/or Dishonest Liberals Insult Your Intelligence

Dumb And/or Dishonest Liberals Insult Your Intelligence

Who is the guy who really believes that Donald Trump thinks Kim Jong Un is a cool dude? Who is the guy who imagines that Donald Trump really believes that the roly-poly mass murderer had nothing to do with the murder of Otto Warmbier? But if you listen to the elite and their panting puppy media, you would get the distinct impression that Donald Trump actually considers this clown a pal.

This raises an important question – is the elite itself transcendently dumb, or does it imagine us Normal people are so unfathomably dense as to be unable to conceive that maybe Donald Trump’s flattery of a sketchy guy who has nuclear weapons hanging over the heads of 28,000 Americans (not to mention over the noggins of tens of millions of our South Korean and Japanese allies) might not have been totally sincere? Could it be that, perhaps – and I’m just speculating here – that maybe a successful New York real estate developer, who these very same geniuses have been screeching about being a liar for nearly four years, might not be totally honest about his true feelings toward the pudgy freak he is negotiating with?

Might not that be it? Nah. He’s gotta love KJU. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Either the elite is stupid, or it thinks we’re stupid.

Call it the “New Obtuseness,” this willful refusal to attribute to a statement, position, or policy the most obvious and manifest intent and, instead, to deliberately fold, spindle, and mutilate it into something unreasonable, unlikely, and unrecognizable that nevertheless conforms to the liberal elite narrative.

The New Obtuseness is a tool to shut us up by removing the possibility of rational discussion, and thereby allow the ruling class narrative to exist unchallenged. You cannot debate something if the other side consciously refuses to recognize your argument. Of course, eliminating rational debate is only a short-term solution to the elite’s problem, its problem being that its own manifest greed, power lust and incompetence has made us Normals hate it with a seething fury. In the long-term, that righteous fury will eventually explode – as I predict in my non-fiction book Militant Normals as well as my visionary novels People’s RepublicIndian Country and Wildfire – but that’s not the point here (I’ve made it many times before). The point is how they try to silence us, and they all do it. Liberals do it, its slobberingly submissive media minions do it, and the Fredocons do it.

The New Obtuseness is everywhere, but Trump is its biggest target. And not only in the context of North Korea –– in everything. How about Russians? Could Donald Trump’s refusal to say nasty things in front of Putin be an indicator that he’s Putin’s puppet, or perhaps…just maybe… that insulting the guy beside you at a Helsinki press conference might not be the best way to make diplomatic progress?

Of course, the questions directed at Trump at these conferences are intended to do just that – to make a scene. So, when Trump refuses to play along and take up the media’s agenda – let’s create an uncomfortable rift right there live on camera! – instead of pursuing Trump’s own agenda – let’s make diplomatic progress – the New Obtuseness demands that Trump’s obvious refusal to play along be construed as siding with the dictators.

Let’s be clear – Donald Trump has no moral obligation to torpedo the slow but steady and real progress he has made with North Korea towards avoiding a war that would send tens of thousands of American soldiers home in boxes simply because the media wants a gotcha moment on camera. Diplomacy is not pretty, and it must pain the Warmbier family, but there are tens of thousands of American lives at stake and if Trump is willing to swallow hard and say what he must to save them, then God bless him for it.

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