Dems First Attempt To Steer The Election

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Dems First Attempt To Steer The ElectionThe Democratic Party will not allow Fox News to televise any of their debates in the upcoming Democratic primaries.

DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, cited a recent hit job article against Fox News as justification for the decision.

In an upcoming article in The New Yorker magazine, left-wing journalist Jane Mayer chronicles President Trump’s relationship with the Fox News Channel. The article is titled: “The Making of the Fox News White House: Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda?”

Fox News is right-wing propaganda?

Then what is EVERY other mainstream media outlet?

They aren’t propaganda for the left?

The lame-stream media has had a resentment against Fox News since the day they launched (over twenty years ago). Fox ruined their monopoly on the news in this country. For decades, they had a stranglehold on information in the country. They acted like a cartel in the distribution of information, tailoring the news to match their left-wing bias.

How dare a network challenge them.

Fox has been a thorn in their side; because they are more successful than them. This drives them crazy.

Sean Hannity has the number one rated show on television. Their primetime lineup has ratings that dwarf those of the other cable news networks: CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC. The “Great One,”

Mark Levin, has the number one rated show on Sunday nights. They can’t stand people like Hannity and Levin. They despise them.

It is humiliating to their egos to get their butts whipped in the ratings by Fox News.

In The New Yorker piece, the author makes the laughable claim that “most American news outlets try to adhere to facts. When something proves erroneous, they run corrections… conservative media outlets, however, focus more intently on confirming their audience’s biases, and are much more susceptible to disinformation, propaganda, and outright falsehoods (as judged by neutral fact-checking organizations such as PolitiFact).”

This is obscured.

The media has no journalistic credibility. They only report on stories that make Republicans—especially President Trump—look bad.

Statistics prove it.

President Trump has received 93 percent negative coverage in the main stream media. The Republicans have received 88 percent negative coverage. Compare these numbers to Barack Obama’s presidency; he received only 41 percent negative coverage.

Obama could do no wrong in their eyes.

There are so many instances of media bias and outright lies that your head will spin.

Here are five examples from Molly Hemmingway over at the “Federalist’:

NBC sat on evidence exonerating Justice Brett Kavanaugh, discrediting Michael Avenatti and his clients’ accusations; CBS published false documents to smear President George W. Bush; CNN fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton before a primary debate; ABC helped Democrats launch their “war on women” campaign strategy in 2012, and CNN attacked Mitt Romney during a debate when he said true things about the Benghazi terror attack.

But Fox News is the propaganda outfit?

At least media personalities like Sean Hannity don’t claim to be journalists. He says he is conservative commentator.

CNN consider themselves a hard news network.

If you believe this, then I’ve got a time-share property to sell you in Belize.

Fox News has much better hard news journalists. Brett Baier and Chris Wallace would have been tough, but fair, on the Democratic candidates.

Name me a “journalist” on the other news networks that would be fair to Republican candidates in a debate.

I bet you can’t name one.

The mainstream media are full of “fake news.” But they have the audacity to claim that Fox News is the network that is “fake news.”

You would have to be living in the Twilight Zone to believe that.

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