The Well Done

Wow, what a great job Tuesday in making a stand against SB 5395 Requiring Comprehensive Sexual Education.  Hundreds of pro-family, pro-child advocates were lined up before dawn at the Capitol, and the line only grew as time went on.  Eventually, so many of you made an effort to be there that multiple overflow rooms in two buildings had to be opened.  And while not everyone got to testify, those that did were excellent and on-point.  The House Education Committee heard and saw a strong message not to pass this bill.  Thank you to all the groups and churches that made it possible.

The More To Do

SB5395 Requiring Comprehensive Sexual EducationStop-SB5395-transparent.png

We need to keep the pressure on the committee through calls, emails, and personal visits.  The corrected email and phone list for the committee is here.

Please take the time to thank them for hearing the bill and ask they respect the overwhelming voices they saw and heard by rejecting SB5395.  Talking points are provided with the email/phone list.

Oppose SSB 5689 Preventing Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying

This bill is also in front of the House Education Committee and will be heard Thursday, March 14th at 8:00 AM.  Yes, that’s tomorrow, but it is not too late to make your voices heard.  Again, our tools are the same: call and email the committee, visit in person, and call the Legislative Hotline.

What’s wrong with this bill? (With thanks to LeAnne Benn and Beth Daranciang)

    1. The bill singles out and promotes protection for Transgender Students.  All students deserve to be protected from bullying; no group deserves special treatment.  This legislation would provide preferential treatment to one over the others.
    2. The bill is being asked for by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, not by community request.  Like the Sex Ed bill, it is a way for OSPI to force its own ideological system on every family, school, and school district.  If passed, it creates a mandate with no oversight by elected officials and no input from local school districts.
    3. The bill calls for best practices to protect Transgender youth.  Our schools should care about all youth and find best practices to protect all students.

And as a bonus, this bill adds a new section to legislation governing teacher evaluations.  Under the new section, teachers will not be ‘negatively impacted’ if they bring previously unapproved sexually explicit materials into the classroom to teach about sexual orientation and gender expression or identity.

Some other questions the preferential treatment of Transgender students raises:

    1. How is a transgender student defined?  Students go through many changes of mood, habits, friends, ideas.  Under what circumstances are they considered transgender?
    2. What exactly is harassment? Would a girl refusing to use the locker room with a male, or a student not using the pronouns another student demanded they use, be harassment?
    3. What about parents who refuse to let their daughter be assigned to a hotel room with a male on an overnight school trip?

Please call and email the House Education Committee today in opposition to this bill.  All children deserve to be safe, protected in school, and treated equally.  Here again, is the committee’s email and phone list.

Make a Day of It at the Capitol

If you can come to the Capitol tomorrow, there is more than just the 8:00 House Education Committee hearing to attend.  Starting at 10:00, FPIW’s friend Sharon Hanek has organized a Lobby Day called, “My Family, My Choice.”


You can come on your own schedule between 10:00 and 2:30.  Start by heading to the 4th floor of the Legislative Building in the Senate Lobby.  There will be packets and instructions, and most importantly other parents who are willing to step up to protect their rights to raise their children by their family values, not the State’s.  It will be a great time.

Tomorrow morning we will know what bills are still alive for the second half of the session and will begin to zero in on the action items for each.  Until then, keep the pressure on the House Education Committee regarding Comprehensive Sex Ed (SB5395) and Preferential Protections (SB 5689).

Thank you for all you do.

Standing With You,

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Chris Plante
FPIWAction Policy Director

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