The opinion of the City Lawyer is equal in weight to helium

“I have expressed the opinion that the election starts when people can start voting,” City of Jackson Attorney Lewis Cobb said. “Some people think it should be the last day of voting and I think it should be the first day.”

And Minions Follow:

“The city attorney has given us the direction that signs are allowed 45 days before early voting so that’s what we follow,”  Jackson City Sign Examiner James Malhomes said.

Basically allowing bad yard art to grace the city streets

The real answer to this question should not be coming from the Mayor’s lawyer, but from the Sign code board of appeals…. yes they are supposed to have a group of citizens that met on occasion or in regards to by specific district regulations (Historic), subject to approval by the historic zoning commission whether or not signs are appropriate.

Bet you didn’t know that Jackson Sun… of course that might not really matter… both boards would probably do the Mayor’s bidding mainly out of lack of knowledge to push back but none the less they are there and their opinion matters.

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