Muslims Defeat Gay Curriculum in UK School

By  Julio Severo  |  Barbwire

To defeat a homosexual curriculum in a public school in the West is virtually impossible today, especially if you are a Christian parent concerned about the moral, spiritual and psychological well-being of your children. Try as hard as you can, any kind of civilized protest by you will face accusations such as “anti-gay,” “homophobic,” “intolerant,” etc.

In the United States, a father was arrested and prosecuted for protesting homosexuality being taught in his son’s kindergarten class in 2005.

So the clear message is: Protest homosexuality being taught to your children and you will be reviled, arrested and prosecuted, facing a risk of losing the custody of your own children.

Such sad fact may be reality to Christians in the United States and in the United Kingdom, but it seems not to apply to Muslims.

LGBTQ lessons have been stopped at the Parkfield Community School in Birmingham, England, following weeks of protests from angry Muslim parents, who withdrew their children from school. The withdraw involved 600 students, about 80% of the school population. You can read more in my article: Furious Muslim parents withdraw children from British school because their children are being brainwashed about gay rights and, phenomenally, the British government does not punish the parents

The LGBTQ lessons were being given by Andrew Moffat, assistant headteacher at the Parkfield Community School. Moffat, who is married to another homosexual man, is the author of Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools and currently shortlisted for a world’s best teacher award.

Fascinatingly, he was able to challenge “homophobia” in primary schools attended predominantly by Christian children, who were taught by their parents and churches to love homosexual sinners and hate the homosexual sin. But he was not so successful in challenging “homophobia” in schools attended by Muslims, who are taught to hate and kill homosexual whenever possible.

Any Christian parent who would dare to protest, without threat and anger, such homosexual activist would face legal threats, arrest and prosecution. But Muslims parents did much more than Christian parents would do. They made furious protests.

Moffat said he tried to meet the Muslim parents, but stopped when they became aggressive. He has described receiving threats from parents online. He told the BBC: “I have felt very threatened.”

Protesters said Islam does not accept homosexuality, and the police, homosexual militants and government officials did not accuse the Muslim parents of “homophobia.”

The result was that the same “conservative” British government that does not tolerate Christian protests against the homosexual agenda just succumbed to the furious Muslim protests. The gay lessons were stopped, and the homosexual teacher was removed.

Interestingly, the “conservative” British government of Prime-Minister Theresa May was elected by conservative Christians to counter anti-conservative ideologies, including the homosexual and Islamic ideologies. But such “conservative” government has been unable or unwilling to fulfill its promises to defend Christian conservatism. Yet, it has been fully able to defend the gay and Islamic ideology in detriment of Christians and even directly against Christians.

There is no doubt that the “conservative” British government wants Christians to embrace the homosexual ideology.

But, contradictorily, it seems that the “conservative” British government wants also its Christian population to embrace Islam if they want to protect their children from homosexual indoctrination.

Parkfield Community School has 750 students and 98 percent of them are from an Islamic background. About 600 pupils, aged between 4 and 11, had been withdrawn from school in protest against homosexual lessons being taught by a homosexual activist.

The “conservative” British government took no measure against the furious Muslim parents who threatened the homosexual activist indoctrinating their children. On the contrary, the gay lessons were stopped.

If 98 percent of the students at the Parkfield Community School were Christian and about 600 pupils, aged between 4 and 11, had been withdrawn from school in protest by Christian parents for Christian reasons, would the “conservative” British government react without fury?

Conservative Christians in the United Kingdom elected a “conservative” British government that ultimately protects furiously homosexuality and Islam against Christians.

With information from The Guardian.

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