SCAM ALERT!!!! Fraudulent Officer Calling Real Office

On March 15th, a police officer with the Jackson Police Department received a phone call from 731-425-8400 which is the number from the Jackson Police Department.  The caller identified himself as an officer with the Jackson Police Department.

The caller told the REAL Police Officer that there was a warrant for her arrest in an effort of obtaining money.  The REAL Police Officer advised she was a LEGITIMATE officer at the department and that an officer by that name was not an employee of the Jackson Police Department.  The fake POLICE caller hung up.

According to the police officer, the caller had a foreign accent.

Chief Julian Wiser and the officers of the Jackson Police Department want all citizens to know that is not the Jackson Police Department’s Standard Operating Procedure.  Therefore, if you receive a call from anyone advising they are an officer of the police department and they are seeking FUNDS of any kind, hang the phone up because it is potentially a SCAM.

If you have concerns about the authenticity of the call, hang the phone up and call your local law enforcement agency.

Jackson Tennessee Police Department
234 Institute St
Jackson, TN 38301

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergencies: 731-425-8400

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