Co-Founder Morris Dees OUT at SPLC

Does the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have a problem with discrimination within its ranks?

Earlier this week, SPLC announced that co-founder Morris Dees has been fired by the organization he helped create. In a statement posted to group’s website, president Richard Cohen said:

We’re committed to ensuring that our workplace embodies the values we espouse — truth, justice, equity, and inclusion.

When one of our own fails to meet those standards, no matter his or her role in the organization, we take it seriously and must take appropriate action.

Emails obtained by the Alabama Political Reporter paint a picture that would cause concern for any organization. Employees have alleged multiple sexual harassment incidents were covered up by SPLC leadership and employees reporting these incidents faced retaliation. The Los Angeles Times reports SPLC employees expressed concerns regarding allegations of racism in the days leading up to Dees’s firing.

Yet, Dees and SPLC have a history of weaponizing race issues to attack conservative organizations. SPLC’s so-called “hate map” has disingenuously included the Family Research Council (FRC), the American Family Association (AFA), and the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) with Ku Klux Klan groups and Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam often resulting in violence.

In 2012, after seeing FRC listed as an “anti-gay group,” a gunman attempted to gain access to organization’s Washington, DC headquarters due. Mercifully, only one employee was injured and the suspect would later told FBI investigators he “planned to kill as many people as possible and then to smear [Chick-fil-A] sandwiches on their faces as a political statement.”

Last year, the gunman who wounded U.S. Representative Steve Scalise in the attack on the Republican Congressional baseball team practice was a reported fan of SPLC’s Facebook page, in addition to other leftist groups.

The SPLC “hate” tag has also been wielded by news outlets and tech companies demonize, and in some cases deplatform, conservative organizations. In 2017, CNN was forced to publish an admission that it had merely repackaged SPLC’s assessments in creating a national list of s0-called hate groups. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon have been found consulting SPLC for censorship purposes.

Most recently, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman admitted to following SPLC’s guidance on decisions to ban organizations from his company’s services.

Despite SPLC’s (often erroneous) penchant for promoting false narratives to advance the left’s agenda, major corporations still partner with and, in many cases, still fund this organization. 2ndVote’s research has found the companies listed below are direct financial supporters of SPLC’s work.

Abbott Laboratories
Bank of America
Charles Schwab
Deutsche Bank
Freddie Mac
JPMorgan Chase
Kraft Heinz
Liberty Mutual
Newman’s Own
Progressive Insurance

Interestingly, SPLC sits on an $300 million endowment, a warchest Dees has been credited for creating. However, many consider having such a disproportionate amount of reserve assets to be a red flag. In fact, non-profit resource CharityWatch recently downgraded SPLC’s score from a “C+” to an “F”.

The fact that corporations enable SPLC to continue “sensationalizing hate” is troubling enough before the recent allegations. Now, those allegations are illustrating another level of hypocrisy within SPLC’s walls, and providing very good reasons why corporations should distance themselves from this organization.

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