Federalizing a local offense…. See if you can find this one in the Constitution

In a news release from Congressman David Kustoff


Earlier this week, I introduced two significant pieces of legislation-the TRACED Act and the Stop Corrupt Iranian Oligarchs and Entities Act.

To learn more about these two important pieces of legislation…. Video below

On Thursday, I introduced another notable piece of legislation, the Preserving Safe Communities by Ending Swatting Act of 2019. Swatting is a call to a police department with a false story of a crime in progress-with the intent to draw a large number of police officers to a particular address.

Swatting is a dangerous and criminal trend that can result in serious injury and even death to victims and law enforcement. My bill will impose strict penalties for swatting, including up to 20 years in prison if someone is seriously hurt. It is time we properly address this crime and put an end to this harassment.

To learn more about my bill, click here.


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