News Shorts from Real Clear Politics Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Beleaguered California GOP Sees Path to 2020 Rebound. Susan Crabtree outlines the party’s challenges and strategy in countering the strong Democratic majority in the state and undoing losses suffered in the midterms.

Anti-Semitism Coverage Surges, With Fox Taking the Lead. Kalev Leetaru has this analysis of media data from the past decade.

Green New Deal Would Spark Yellow Vest-Style Protests. Mike Huckabee foresees grave economic and social consequences should the climate-change plan be enacted.

Lessons From Energy History for the Use of Presidential Emergency Powers. In RealClearEnergy, Jay Hakes cites actions taken by Presidents Eisenhower, Ford and Carter that provide a historical perspective to the debate over border wall funding.

Why Intervention Is the Wrong Approach to Recession. RealClearMarkets editor John Tamny explains his disagreement with economist Martin Wolf’s prescriptions.

The Problem for NYC Cabbies Isn’t Uber. In RealClearPolicy, Abigail Narbe writes that the municipal government’s longstanding “protections” for taxi drivers have made a bad situation worse.

What Is Brain Waste? RealClearScience editor Ross Pomeroy spotlights health habits that help the brain rid itself of products that gum up neurons

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