The Constitution

In an article by Arthur Thompson about the Constitution he asks the question “What is the law?”

In this country, it is the Constitution. Everyone is beholden to the Constitution as a natural course of citizenship.

But civil servants, military, elected officials, et al., are not only beholden to it, they are required to take an oath to protect it — in some cases from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This last category implies that there may be traitors in our midst – and may always have been.

There have always been those who want the Constitution eliminated, abrogated, or amended into worthlessness, because it limits government power, or stops the assumption of power.

At a Frank McMeen gathering

Some of these people have been open about it, but there are many who have been subtle about their aims.

It is the subtle ones that we have to watch because there is the real evil in this country. They have called themselves whatever was necessary to appear normal. They work hard to shadow their work and accomplishments. But incrementally they destroy the very thing that brought to them their position.

Thomas Jefferson admonished us not to trust public servants but to bind them from mischief with the chains of the Constitution. Yet today we see leaders in all positions who seem not only to forget that a Constitution even exists but the true purpose of that documents direction.

Representatives in Congress, the great state of Tennessee and the counties and cities themselves seem to forget that they have sworn to obey the Constitution, and to protect it.

Those that represent us also forget, who they serve and why.

May God grant us peace, hope and love, and the freedom to practice each.

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