SB 5602 in Washington State to Heard by the House Health Care Committee

Today is an important day in Olympia.  SB 5602, Eliminating Barriers to Reproductive Health, willReject-SB5602.jpg be heard by the House Health Care Committee at 1:30 PM in the John L. O’Brien Building Room A.  If you are available please make the time to come and stand for life and the God-given reality of male and female.

This bill will require insurance coverage for Plan B and Ella for students and their partners, PLUS require care for cross-sex hormones, gender-transition surgery, and all other transition related health-care services. This is a clear expansion of abortion access and coverage, paid for by tax-payer dollars.

Reject-SB5602-v3.jpgThis would also include reproductive/fertility insurance to cover egg/sperm storage and intro-fertilization.

There is no religious exemption for private schools and thus infringes upon the constitutional rights of private schools to freely exercise their faith.  Further it forces tax-payers to fund medical services that may violate their conscience and religious beliefs.

Finally, legal experts have opined that an argument can be made that this bill would require providing contraceptives regardless of gender.  Thus a biological male can request coverage for an inter-uterine device.  Even though the male does not have a uterus, the gynecologist would not be able to deny the man care.  Besides being absurd, it takes away valuable resources from women who truly need the care of a gynecologist.

Please make the time to join us tomorrow at 1:30 in front of the House Health Care Committee to protest this absurd, anti-life, and expensive bill.  The hearing will be in the John L. O’Brien Building inReject-SB5602-v2.jpg Room A.  It ‘just so happens’ that tomorrow is a Planned Parenthood lobby day.  What a coincidence!  Therefore, we need as many folks as possible to join us at the Capitol to stand for life, God’s design for male and female, and the safety of our children.

The more the state promotes its culture of death and removes barriers, the more children will be killed through abortion.  The more the state promotes the falsehood that you can choose your gender, the more children will be permanently mutilated through transgender surgery and harmed through medications that will often leave them sterile for life.

Between 80 and 90 percent of children who suffer from Gender Dysphoria will grow out of it and desire to live as their biological gender.  But if the state encourages and allows hormone treatments and mutilating surgeries, there is no going back for our young people.

Help us protect our most vulnerable, from the unborn to the young people confused and seduced by the state, media, film industry, and even politicians who claim they can choose their gender.

Join us tomorrow for the hearing; visit, call, and email the House Health Care Committee.  The contact information is below.

Representative Room Phone Email
Cody, Eileen (D) 303 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7978
Macri, Nicole (D) 311 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7826
Schmick, Joe (R) 426B Legislative Building (360) 786-7844
Caldier, Michelle (R) 122H Legislative Building (360) 786-7802
Chambers, Kelly (R) 426 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7948
Davis, Lauren (D) 369 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7910
DeBolt, Richard (R) 425A Legislative Building (360) 786-7896
Harris, Paul (R) 426A Legislative Building (360) 786-7976
Jinkins, Laurie (D) 320 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7930
Maycumber, Jacquelin (R) 425B Legislative Building (360) 786-7908
Riccelli, Marcus (D) 434A Legislative Building (360) 786-7888
Robinson, June (D) 332 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7864
Stonier, Monica Jurado (D) 331 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7872 monica
Thai, My-Linh (D) 424 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7926
Tharinger, Steve (D) 314 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7904

Standing with our children,
Chris Sig.png
Chris Plante
FPIWAction, Policy Director
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