Is this ‘Animal Farm’? Concerned citizen calls out liberal city council who treat him with total contempt

Saw this on the local news and was glad to find it in print form for sharing.  This is SEATTLE –  The HOMELESS EMPIRE  aka SODOM ON THE SOUND.  This is the result of decades of electing Liberals to public office.

by  Vivek Saxena  |  Business & Politics

When left-wing politicians claim to be “for the people,” they never mean it. You see it every day in how left-wing politicians behave on the national stage and on the local stage.

Take for instance the disgusting contempt that the virulently left-wing, elitist members of the Seattle City Council displayed earlier this month when a local voter showed up at a “public comment” hearing to express his concerns about the state of American democracy.

From the get-go, members of the council seemed to ignore the voter, choosing to stare down at their phones and paperwork instead of turning their heads up and actually listening.

“It’s real discouraging to come up here and see all the heads down, it’s like …,” the unnamed voter said in frustration, only to be cut off by councilwoman Debora Juarez.

“Sir, you’re on a two minute timer here, so let’s go!” she condescendingly sneered.

Watch the whole altercation below:

Start time at 7.24 minutes.

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The man stood frozen in shock for a few seconds. He wasn’t used to being treated like complete dirt. Welcome to liberalism, friend. He then asked if his time could be reset to zero. Juarez said no.

“So it was unreasonable for me to ask that people look up and give me their attention?” he prodded before being cut off by Juarez again for the second time in less than 30 seconds.

“Sir, you have two minutes. We’re all looking at you. Now you have a minute and 30 seconds,” she said.

The man then folded his prepared statement and briefly noted that he’d planned on speaking about “the state of our democracy.” At that moment someone sighed very loudly. While it’s unclear who sighed, it’s probably fair to presume it was one of the council’s elitist members.

Nevertheless, the man continued by “delivering a cogent and brutal takedown of this current council,” as reported by local station KTTH, which was one of the first outlets to relate the story.

He noted that during a hearing a week earlier, congresswoman Pramila Jayapal ­ a radical left-winger who’s claimed President Donald Trump wants to make America racially pure and called for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be abolished ­ had been allowed more time to speak than everybody else.

“It reminded me of George Orwell’s famous scene from ‘Animal Farm’ about how all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others, and that’s how I feel like I’m being treated now, just because I was kind of asking for your attention, like I noticed you all very attentive to Ms. Jaypal last week. And I immediately got a hostile response back from you. I don’t understand that,”  he said.

This isn’t an uncommon feeling among those disgruntled by the left’s hypocrisy. Consider for example socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s refusal to give up Uber despite demanding that the peer-to-peer ridesharing service be regulated out of business. Or consider socialist presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ refusal to give up his lavish mansions, despite his relentless rants against the rich and wealthy.

Man-of-many-houses Sanders asks how many yachts billionaires need. You bet, folks had a problem with that

­ Conservative News (@BIZPACReview) April 22, 2017

In response to the man’s complaints, the council continued to ignore him. This prompted him to ask if they ever respond to voters. Juarez responded by reminding him of his time limit again.

“Well, it’s all on tape and I think it’s a pretty sad commentary that you think that asking for you guys to look up off of your computers and give attention during the short period of time was an unreasonable thing. I really feel bad about that,” the man concluded.

The folks at KTTH, who’re aware of the council’s radicalism, reiterated in their report that “[h]e shouldn’t feel bad” but rather “empowered to work harder to boot the incumbents out of office and vote in council members who don’t just want to hear from the public, but actually listen to them.”

“This is a council that, in-between calling cops racists murderers, won’t let them do their jobs to tackle criminals stealing from taxpayers to feed a drug addiction. This is a council that passed a job-killing head tax despite it being deeply unpopular, only to then walk it back, begrudgingly, under this belligerent complaint that the public was persuaded into their position because of big business propaganda. This is a council that only listens to you when you force them to. And even then, as this man found out, it doesn’t always work.”

It is, to put it more pithily, a council dominated by regressive leftists, i.e., those liberals who’ve veered so far to the extremist left that they’ve lost touch with the tenets of classical liberalism and, in the process, become everything that they’re supposed to be against, including elitists and bigots.

If only this regressivism were a one-time thing. Alas, it’s not. Regressive leftism dominates the entire Democrat Party, as best exemplified by its constant push to delegitimize, ostracize and silence anyone with an opposing viewpoint, from the president all the way down to his supporters.

Truth be told, the fact that the man in the video above was even allowed to speak to the Seattle City Council was surprising unto itself. In most cases Democrats won’t even listen.

But the fact that he was disrespected was no surprise. It was just another reminder that despite their proclamations of being “for the people,” regressive leftists have nothing but “disgust and disdain for the public,” as one social media user articulated:

You think they’re public servants but they’re not.

They have nothing but disgust and disdain for the public.

See how these Seattle City Council people (all democrats) treated this soft spoken citizen.


­ Fight The Left (@Gooms) March 21, 2019

The Seattle City Council lost the goodwill of its citizens years ago. They are lucky there are enough extreme liberals to keep them in office. It’s sad too cause I consider myself liberal but I also have enough common sense about reality. Hoping they all get challenged!

­ Eezy (@EezySeatown) March 20, 2019

Its so sad what is happening in the beautiful city of Seattle. But the left leaning liberals dont care. City council is a joke. Police cant do there jobs and the mayor just looks the other way. And our governer is to busy running for president.

­ Big League (@magaman360) March 20, 2019

Sorry but that council woman is a real bitch! Yep Seattle is definitely dying and it’s cause of people like her and the other corrupt liberals ruining that city, disgraceful!!

­ Jen Meag (@JenLSMeag) March 20, 2019

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