Let’s get all the quotes in there if we can or at least be fair and link the articles with the entire message… instead of ranting, be informative, please.

TeamGOP is at it again… If slander was still king and you could prove intent to lie, these guys would be in jail. Now I am not a true fan of Bob Corker’s but that will do gentlemen, that will do…..

What are they talking about now? Well apparently Coker’s fund raising ability has hit a nerve and they have popped out a newsletter to throw a negative spin.

“While Tennessee Republican candidate for the US Senate Bob Corker has continued to raise money among the political elites of both parties, his support has not fared as well among those living outside of Mr. Corker’s hometown or those not belonging to the millionaire’s club.

While millionaires often donate tens of thousands of dollars to buy access to candidates, one has to wonder why the so-called “pro-life” and “conservative” and “Republican” Bob Corker had a noted abortion expert and abortion doctor as a host for a fundraising event this week in Nashville for his US Senate campaign.

Dr. Frank Boehm, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of the Maternal/Fetal Medicine Division at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, is supporting Bob Corker for the US Senate”

Apparently their conclusion is that Dr. Boehm is an evil and disgusting man and they try to site their reasons for it. But below is a completion of article where TeamGOP insists that the good doctor is in favor of physician-assisted suicides.

“Life is a journey and death a destination.” A physician’s duty is to protect life during the journey and aid us as we reach our destination. That aid should be one of comfort, pain relief and assurance that in reaching our final destination, we will maintain our dignity as well our autonomy. Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist stated what I believe to be true, ”Assisted suicide goes counter to American history, traditions, laws and moral values. It is fundamentally incompatible with physicians’ role as healer.”

“Despite the fact that three-fourths of Americans support the right to take their lives with the help of their doctor, I believe physicians should deal with the sick and dying in a way that shows compassion and concern without stepping over the line by helping patients kill themselves.” Dr. Boehm

Dr. Boehm has been also accused of logging a protest the Unborn Victims of Act. Well guess what? I, as a conservative, am opposed to creating an unconstitutional federal law also.

“On April 1, 2004 President George W. Bush signed into law the Unborn Victims of Violence Act; Dr. Boehm thought the new law was wrong and wrote his opinion in The Tennessean:

“I am, however, opposed to the new law because it makes it a crime to harm a fetus at any stage of development.” Dr. Frank Boehm The Tennessean (04/27/04)”

And the constitution is clear in the duties of the federal government and this is not it.

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