Girl Finds “Transgender” Boy Staring at Her in Locker Room — Told to Go OUTSIDE Until He Was Done

Written by  Selwyn Duke

Proving again that “the eye altering alters all,” a Pennsylvania high-school girl recently found a boy’s lustful eye fixed upon her in her locker room — then was told her only recourse was to wait outside until he was done changing.

Of course, at issue is changing school policy that allows a boy who changes his so-called “gender identity” and claims girlhood status to use the girls’ facilities. As the Family Research Council reports:

There are at least 787 students at Pennsylvania’s Honesdale High — but only one of them seemed to know about a major change in the school’s rules. The others found out the most traumatic way possible: when they walked into the girls’ locker room and found a teenage boy in women’s underwear.

For at least one 15-year-old sophomore, the situation was terrifying. “It was first period,” she remembers, “and I had gym class. And I walked in [to change] with all my friends, and while I was putting on my pants, I heard a man’s voice. So I turned around, and he’s standing there on the opposite aisle looking at me. I glanced down, and I could tell that he was wearing women’s underwear and what was underneath it.” When the boy stared back at her — and the entire group of partially-dressed girls — she was horrified.

When she got home that afternoon, she told her mom and dad what happened. Turns out, the students weren’t the only ones who’d never been notified about the policy. Still in shock, they called the principal and Wayne County superintendent. Neither were particularly sorry about the girls’ experience. And to prove it, they refused to lift a finger to help. The girls’ only option was to wait outside the locker room — a place designated for them — until the boy inside was finished.

The girl’s family has since obtained legal representation and has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Division. Her lawyers have also “posted a video online [below] along with their complaint alleging the school’s policy on transgender use of locker rooms violated the girl’s civil rights,” informs


“‘Opening up restrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex is sexual harassment. Like most forms, the girls have little power over their situation,’ said attorney Andrea Shaw,” WNEP further informs.

“The Wayne Highlands superintendent says he’s not able to comment on this incident or complaint but does say the district’s policy is in keeping with a recent court decision allowing trans students to use the facilities of their choosing. Now, the Supreme Court is expected to take up that case,” the site continues.

It should first be said here that there’s no such thing as a “transgender” student, not any more than there could be a “transpecies” student who’d really become a cat (and there is a woman who thus masqueraded, by the way). As Australian Alan Finch, who’d once claimed trans status, put it in 2004, “You fundamentally can’t change sex…. Transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists.”

Weighing in likewise just last year was philosopher Dr. Ryan T. Anderson, who wrote that “transgenderism” is delusion and just amounts to playing “pretend,” since sex change is biologically impossible. As I reported at the time:

“Modern science shows that our sexual organization begins with our DNA and development in the womb, and that sex differences manifest themselves in many bodily systems and organs, all the way down to the molecular level,” writes Anderson in his March 5 article, which was adapted from his new book, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment.

“Cosmetic surgery and cross-sex hormones can’t change us into the opposite sex,” Anderson, a Heritage Foundation senior fellow, further explains. “They can affect appearances. They can stunt or damage some outward expressions of our reproductive organization. But they can’t transform it. They can’t turn us from one sex into the other.” They merely amount to the donning of “counterfeit sexual garb,” as Johns Hopkins University (JHU) psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh put it.

But what of the “transgender” diagnosis? It is made by actual people of medical science, but there’s nothing scientific about it.

Note that when a doctor diagnoses someone with “gender dysphoria” — the persistent sense that you’re a member of the opposite sex but are stuck in the wrong body — there’s no way for him to determine that at issue is a biological phenomenon as opposed to a psychological one. There is no brain-scan; genetic test; blood, urine or any other body-chemistry test for “biologically induced gender dysphoria.” The physician will make his diagnosis based only on feelings — strong feelings of “cross-gender identification” lasting for at least six months. On this basis alone he may ultimately recommend the patient undergo body-rending sex-mutilation surgery.

It’s as if you went to a cardiologist and said, “Doc, I’m certain I have heart disease! I can just feel it!” and he replied, without performing any diagnostic tests, “Oh, have the feelings been strong and persistent? Have they lasted for at least six months? Alright, then, I’ll cut open your chest and perform a bypass!”

So while Professor Harold “Hal” Lewis said in 2016 that “the global warming scam” is the world’s “greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud,” the “transgender” scam may soon contend for that title.

This Made-up Sexual Status (MUSS) agenda’s unscientific nature raises another issue: Why are the feelings of a majority of people — e.g., the high-school students uncomfortable with having opposite-sex classmates invade their spaces — subordinated to the feelings of less than one percent of the population?

Answer: Because the feelings-based prejudices of pseudo-intellectual pseudo-elites are holding sway.

Meanwhile, Democrat-sponsored House bill “the Equality Act” would force even churches to allow faux (same-sex) weddings and MUSS people to use the opposite-sex’s facilities, according to, and a British Catholic mother is being investigated by police for “misgendering” a MUSS individual.

So what’s really going on here? At bottom, this has nothing to do with compassion, equality, legitimate tolerance, or inclusiveness. Moreover, the problem with it isn’t mainly, as conservatives aver, that predators will use a MUSS ruse to access women’s private spaces (though this is an issue).

Rather, “This is about socially reengineering society — about changing hearts and minds — by legitimizing made-up sexual statuses,” as I wrote in 2016.

This is the real cause of the Bathroom Wars. It’s also why traditionalists shouldn’t budge an inch on this issue. If you can make people believe an objective reality such as sex is mere illusion, you can make them believe anything.

Reprinted with permission from The New American

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