Vaccine Exemption Update

Vaccine Exemption Update

The Legislative attack on parental rights continues next week with a Senate Public Hearing before the Senate Health Care Committee on Friday, March 29 at 8:00 AM on HB 1638, Eliminating Personal Objections and Exemptions from MMR Vaccine Requirements.

Our friends at Informed Choice Washington have posted the following on their event Facebook Page:

This is our third and most important event at the Capitol this year.

PLEASE JOIN Informed Choice Washington and concerned citizens at 7:00 AM at the Cherberg Building on the Capitol Campus for the Senate Health and Long Term Care Hearing on HB 1638 which would remove personal philosophical exemptions to the MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) vaccine.

The hearing begins at 8:00 so be there no later than 7:00 to sign in and line up for a place at the hearing. As with the last two hearings, overflow rooms will be available.

Bring every family member, neighbor, friend and person you know that wants to keep their medical freedom in this state!! If HB 1638 passes, up to FORTY THOUSAND children could be excluded from school in the Fall. This is not acceptable. We must stand up and fight for our rights now!!


Login on to the WSL Public WiFi

AFTER you log on to WiFi go to:

Once there, sign in with your information and register your position on HB 1638.

Once registration is complete, you hit done. If you want to register other people in your party, you can go back and repeat the steps.

Come prepared with 25 copies of your written testimony to hand in as public comment, but keep a copy in case you get the opportunity to speak. We are continuously pushing for public comment to be allowed.

As a reminder, no signs will be allowed in the hearing room or overflow rooms. Also, signs with sticks are not allowed in any of the Legislative buildings. Please do bring signs though. This is our day.

Once the hearing has concluded, please join us at the Sun Dial between the Cherbourg, JLOB, and Legislative buildings. We plan to have an event there similar to what transpired at the last hearing. As long as we are peacefully protesting and allowing people who work at the Capitol to get between the buildings, we will be allowed to continue.

Please make appointments with your Legislators if you can and plan to visit their offices regardless.

Details will be updated as we have more information. Please get your carpools lined up immediately as parking is very limited.

If you care about this legislation and the impact on the children of our state, join us. We understand it is early and inconvenient, but children being needlessly harmed and barred from school or daycare will be far more than inconvenient.

FPIW urges you to join all concerned parents to stand for our right to raise and direct the medical care of our children as we see fit.  While this bill is specific to the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine, and does offer some medical exemptions, there is no reason to believe it will simply stop at MMR.  The Senate already entertained a bill (SB5481) this session that would eliminate the personal exemption for all vaccines.  It could very easily come back next session.

Next Week’s Other Public Hearings on Bills of Note

Position Bill Title/Descript. 2nd Intro New Committee 2nd Hear 2nd Exec
Oppose HB1638 Relating to promoting immunity against vaccine preventable diseases 8-Mar Sen. Health 29-Mar
Neutral HB1095 Relating to administration of marijuana to students 14-Mar Sen. Early Learn 27-Mar
Concerned HB1377 Affordable housing development on religious org. property 11-Mar Sen. Housing Stab. 27-Mar
Support SB5885 Creating an exemption to hearsay for child sex trafficking victims. 12-Mar Hse. Civil Rights 26-Mar 28-Mar
Concerned SB5822 Path to Universal Health Care 15-Mar Hse. Health 26-Mar 27-Mar

By Executive Session

Position Bill Title/Descript. 2nd Intro New Committee 2nd Hear 2nd Exec
Support SB5885 Creating an exemption to hearsay for child sex trafficking victims. 12-Mar Hse. Civil Rights 26-Mar 28-Mar
Oppose HB1742 Concerning juvenile offenses that involve depictions of minors 6-Mar Sen. Law & Justice 19-Mar 28-Mar
Oppose SB5082 Social Emotional Learning 8-Mar Hse. Educ 14-Mar 28-Mar
Oppose SB5689 Concerning Harassment, intimidation in public schools 28-Feb Hse. Educ 14-Mar 28-Mar
Concerned SB5822 Path to Universal Health Care 15-Mar Hse. Health 26-Mar 27-Mar
Oppose SB5602 Eliminating barriers to reproductive health 9-Mar Hse. Health 20-Mar 27-Mar
Oppose SB5356 Establishing the WA State LGBTQ Commission 8-Mar Hse. State Gov’t 20-Mar 27-Mar
Support SB5718 Establishing Child Welfare Housing Assistance (HB1749) 12-Mar Hse. Human Serv. 22-Mar 26-Mar
Oppose SB5290 Eliminating the use of the valid court order exception 14-Mar Hse. Human Serv. 20-Mar 26-Mar
Oppose SB5023 Concerning an ethnic studies curriculum for public school students. 6-Mar Hse. Educ 18-Mar 26-Mar

Note that the bills on Abortion, Transgender Bullying, Social Emotional Learning, and Minors Creating Personal Porn are all up for Executive Session.  It’s not too late to stop them. All of our groups continue to work hard on these bills and still need you to call and email the Committees.Legislative-agenda.jpg

Contact information for the House Education and Health Care Committees can be found on our Legislative Agenda page, right here.  The other committees in play will be up by the end of the day Saturday.

Calling each committee member takes only two minutes, then please call the Legislative Hotline to register your opposition with your own Senator and Representative.  The hotline is 800-562-6000.

Remember, each time a bill moves from one part of the legislative process to another, i.e. from public hearing to executive session, we need to make our voices heard.  In all, that would be calling or emailing thirteen times throughout the process.  I know that sounds like a lot, but it is critical our voices be heard.

Thank you for making a stand for our children and families.  The next critical date on the calendar is April 3rd when bills must be voted out of their policy committees.  That’s just eleven days away.  So keep up the pressure; make the calls; send the emails; visit the legislature; share this email with family and friends.

Standing Together,
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Chris Plante
FPIWAction Policy Director
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