IN MEMORY OF MICHAEL  …   1/8/87 – 3/23/87

IN MEMORY OF MICHAEL  …   1/8/87 – 3/23/87


Today is the anniversary of the DEATH of one of my great grandsons.
He died  3/23/87 after getting those insane first baby shots.
Every time I see or hear or read the lies that promote those vaccines as being life saving I want to take that person to the cemetery above Auburn, WA and show them Michael’s GRAVE and then have them tell me that that MMR vaccine was a great thing to inject into him.
Michael was a super healthy baby boy – until – until that poison was injected into him.  They said it was SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME –  what they failed to state was that the CAUSE of his death was the vaccine – the SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME was the RESULT – not the CAUSE!!!

A close gal friend of mine lost her first grandchild the same way –  He died after getting his first baby shots.  They also said he died of SIDS – again, SIDS was the RESULT not the CAUSE.

Like my Step dad who got that infamous SWINE FLU shot in Nov. 1976.  Norm died from that shot but at least he didn’t get that Swine Flu.

I am confused at how so many people buy into this Big PHARMA selling propaganda.  All this garbage going on about the measles and the number they keep repeating about how many have been diagnosed with measles – nationwide – and they fail to say anything beyond that number – like how many DIED from the measles and how many kids in that same age group DIDN’T get measles.

When I was a kid, most all kids got the measles – I had both the three day and the German measles and other than itching and feeling bum no one was concerned about any of us getting some vaccine and I don’t recall anyone being worried they might die.  It was part of LIFE.

Why isn’t the same amount of FEAR MONGERING taking place over all the FOREIGN ILLEGALS entering America carrying all sorts of real life threatening diseases???????  Sure don’t hear the same amount of news stories and pro-vaccine propaganda about those DISEASE CARRYING ILLEGALS.

SPRAY YOUR CROPS WITH ROUND-UP to kill the weeds and poison the food supply.  That is how I see these mandated vaccines…..    ROUND-UP in a syringe – injected into the bodies of humans.  It also makes money for the ABORTION industry and the baby body parts used in so many things now.

And some people ask me why I am so against so many things in the AMA and BIG PHARMA sales packages.  All the many side effects that ARE deathly –  how many of you do any research on the meds those doctors prescribe to you??  I do that and I tell the doctors why I won’t take most of what they want me to pay for.  Why would I pay for some concoction that is going to make me deal with some other ailment or kill me?????

Want to stay well?  Learn and live according to the pH diet plan (Alkaline) – Use Colloidal silver as your ONLY anti-biotic (no side effects unless you ignore good sense in how much of it you take),
Study up on essential oils as they are fantastic.    Get a copy of ‘THE CURE IS IN THE CUPBOARD” and learn about Oil of Oregano.  I use it for many things and it is great!!.
I have been doing the pH diet since roughly 2008 and I have not had any illness since in spite of being around many folks who are sick with flu or other virus/bacteria illnesses.  My only problem is bone related.  Not only do I save MONEY but I also do not get sick.  A complete reversal of how my health life was prior to learning about the pH diet.

Jackie Juntti

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